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"The phantastic adventures of the space-ship ORION"

This is the original soundtrack to the 1966 German TV series "Raumpatrouille". Relatively unknown outside of Germany, Peter Thomas produced film and television scores, production music and a number of easy listening pop albums. Just like Ennio Morricone, he uses lots of different sounds, styles, instrumentations and effects.
Some of the music here reminds me of the "10th Victim" and "7 Golden Men" soundtracks. It is at the same time very original and rather eclectic, with quite some variation, like, lots of different styles and atmospheres: spy jazz, bossa nova, lullabies...; different sounds & instruments:
church and other organs, synths, harpsichord, wordless vocals, strings, brass, woodwinds...
The catchy "Space Patrol" theme starts of with German countdown through a vocoder, the use of which went on to become sort of a trademark for Giorgio Moroder, a member of the Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester. "Shub-a-dooe" is a soft, heavenly but strange scatted lullaby. "Love In Space" has a dark and moody sax solo, and then explodes onto angst laden brass and percusion. Actually, most of the stuff here is very tense, and spreads an atmosphere of suspense and danger.
One of my favorite soundtracks!
Thanks to Br. Cleve, the tour keyboardist of Combustible edison, who posted several times about Peter Thomas in the Exotica Mailing List. (Actually, when in Gemany, CombEd played together with Peter Thomas!)


Peter Thomas Sound Orchester: "Raumpatrouille"
CD, Polyphon 838 227, Germany, 1990, 41:51 minutes
also rereleased with 3 previously unreleased tracks as:
CD, Bungalow BUNG 009, Germany, 1998


1. Space Patrol (Raumpatrouille)
2. Shub-a-dooe
3. Lancet Bossa Nova
4. Love In Space
5. Ballet
6. Bolero On The Moon Rocks
7. Song And Sound The Stars Around
8. Landing On The Moon
9. Piccicato In Heaven
10. Outside Atmosphere
11. Take Sex
12. Jupiter's Pop Music
13. Sky-Life
14. Starlight Party
15. Orion 2000
16. Danger For The Crew
17. Position: Overkill
18. The Space Patrol's Return

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