"The Exotic Beatles"

This series compiles some wonderfully bizarre covers of Beatles songs; most of them are very funny, though not always meant that way. There are 3 volumes available now.

Take a look at the very inviting track listings from Part One & Part Two below, or read the sleeve notes to Part One and Part Two;
they will reveal to you just how exotic this stuff really is!

A message from Jim Phelan, the protagonist of Exotica Records:

We have in our vaults in excess of 1000 cover versions of fab 4 tracks, but we are constantly searching for more previously undiscovered gems; exotic, bizarre or simply charming interpretations of Beatles songs. To this end we would welcome any suggestions, recordings or information that might help in compiling further volumes. Please send any of the above or the following to the Exotica address: "bag pipes, steel band, musical box, classical, jazz, Chinese, Russian, Welch etc, etc, versions... thank you.


Various artists: "The Exotic Beatles part one" CD, Exotica Pelé 3CD, UK (P)1993, 61:57 minutes, £10
Various artists: "The Exotic Beatles part two" CD, Exotica Pelé 7CD, UK (P)1994, 76:42 minutes, £10
(distributed by Revolver)

Available from Exotica Records


part one
  1. Derek Enright M.P: "Yellow submarine in Latin"
  2. Akiko Kanazawa: "Yellow submarine ondo"
  3. William Shatner: "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"
  4. Dino E I Kings: "Circa di capire (I should have known better)"
  5. Brian Sewell: "I wanna be your man"
  6. The Wilson Malone Voice Band: "Penny Lane"
  7. Emi Bonilla Su Caudro: "Te quieres (She loves you)"
  8. Desmond Dekker & the Israelites: "Come together"
  9. Dickie Henderson: "Step inside"
  10. The 52 key Verbeek fairground organ: "In my life"
  11. The Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir: "When I'm 64"
  12. Los Mustang: "Please please me"
  13. Les Surfs: "Oh chagrin (There's a place)"
  14. Os Vips: "Coisas que acontecem (Things we said today)"
  15. Edmundo Ross with Catarina Valente: "El dondo sur la collina (The fool on the hill)"
  16. Lefty In The Right: "Paperback writer"
  17. The 52 key Verbeek fairground organ: "All my loving"
  18. Balsara & His Singing Sitars: "I want to hold your hand"
  19. Derek Enright M.P: "Eneanor Rigby"
  20. Sandro: "Podemos solucionato (We can work it out)"
  21. Beatle Barkers: "We can work it out"
  22. John Otway: "I am the walrus"
  23. The 52 key Verbeek fairground organ: "And I love her"
  24. The Quests: "Aku kembali lagi (I'll be back)"
  25. Brian Sewell: "Her Majesty"
  26. The Moog Beatles: "Good night"
part two
  1. Introduction: "Clap and cheer/ We love you Beatles"
  2. The Squirrels: "Let it be"
  3. Joah Valley: "I saw her standing here"
  4. Tsunematsu Masatoshi: "Nowhere man"
  5. Brian Sewell: "Sgt. Pepper intro"
  6. Arhur Mullard: "Yesterday"
  7. Fisher & Marks: "Ringo Ringo little star (=twinkle little star)"
  8. Grupo 15: "Lluvia (Rain, introduced by Ringo & Bono)"
  9. Ena Baga: "Can't buy me love (introduced by Paul)"
  10. Ron Geesin's Mahogany Minstrels: "Lady Madonna"
  11. Maurice Chevalier: "Un sou-marin vert (Yellow submarine)"
  12. Frank Sidebottom: "Flying"
  13. The Beatle Barkers: "A hard day's night"
  14. The 52 key Verbeek fairground organ: "Yesterday/ Hey Jude"
  15. Margarita Pracatan: "From me to you (introduced by john)"
  16. John Lennon and Kenny Everett: "Desert island discs"
  17. The Velvelettes (featuring Frankie Velvet): "It's for you"
  18. Fisher & Marks: "We love rock 'n' roll"
  19. Johnny Prytko & the Connecticut Hi-Tones: "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da polka"
  20. Templeton Twins: "Hey Jude"
  21. R.A.M. Pietsch: "Piggies (introduced by George)"
  22. Gordon Langford, Arp synthesizer: "Yellow submarine"
  23. Lol Coxhill & children Robertson: "I am the walrus "
  24. Klaus Beyer: "Give peace a chance"
  25. Brian Sewell: "Give peace a chance"
  26. The Pestalozzi Children's Village Choir: "Give peace a chance (chant)"
  27. Chiwaki: "A hard day's night"
  28. Lili Ivonova: "The night before"
  29. Los Fernandos: "All my loving"
  30. Klaus Beyer: "The continuing story of Bungalow Bill"
  31. Mae West: "Day Tripper"
  32. Peel, Lennon, Everett, McDowell...: "Nostalgia"
  33. Ron Geesin: "Let it be"
  34. Paul, John, Ringo & George: "Goodbyes"

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