Eric De Muylder
CreveTec bvba
Phone: +32473721004
Our technology is a combination of different techniques and has the following advantages:
Phase production resulting in higher shrimp production per volume of culture water
Complete re-use of culture water enables production in an isolated building independant of climate and water source
Integration with a biofloc reactor which increases the flexibility and water quality control
Complete utilisation of the water column which makes it possible to use deeper production tanks
Lower feed conversion ratio is achieved by controled feed management and high nutritional value of bioflocs
No interaction with the environment enable high bio-security
Zero exchange of water, no accumulation of nitrates
Possiblity of partial harvests enables a continuous sale of fresh shrimp for local market on a weekly or even daily basis
System is suitable for L. vannamei and P. monodon
High degree on control: DO and pH is constantly monitored
Production of big sizes

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