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CreveTec can provide a custom-made design of your shrimp project.
This design will take into account the specific conditions of your project, such as: environmental conditions (temperature, water source, heat source), target market size of the shrimp, target capacity.
Existing shrimp farms can be adapted as well to enable production without exchange of water and take advantage of the nutritional benefits of bioflocs.
CreveTec offers consulting to any shrimp farm wishing to optimize feed and water management. This will result in lower water utilisation, higher natural production in the ponds, lower FCR and faster growth. The economic and technical feasibility of a project can be calculated. This can include technical drawings of the farm, details regarding construction, investment cost, production cost calculation, list of equipment.
CreveTec can supply high quality and adapted shrimp feeds, or cooperate with a local feed supplier to produce such feeds.
The services to establish a shrimp farm project can be done in 4 steps:
Step 1: Short Prefeasibility study. Estimation of investment cost and production cost, production plan, location advice
Step 2: Complete design of the project, list of equipment and possible suppliers, technical visit to farm in Belgium to explain in detail how the system works
Step 3: Follow up on construction of shrimp project, detailed advice on construction, visit to site, training of techical staff on the farm in Belgium
Step 4: Startup of the farm on site, consulting and advice during first year of production, 1 week further training of 1 staff memebert on the farm in Belgium, including 1 more follow-up visit on your site

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