Eric De Muylder
CreveTec bvba
Phone: +32473721004
CreveTec has developed a module with a capacity of 25 000 kg per year
Space requirement: 1000 m (module can be adapted if necessary), minimum height: 4 meter
Water temperature: 27-30 Celsius, Salinity: 5-35 ppt
Grow out period 180 days (from PL till final harvest)
Average FCR (Feed conversion ratio): 1,5
Harvest weights from 18 till 32 g
CreveTec does not supply this module as a turnkey project, but offers design, engineering, startup and training
Different modules can be combined to create a farm with higher capacity
This system is designed for Litopenaeus vannamei, but can also be used for Penaeus monodon.
Labour requirement: 2 hours per day

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