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The CreveTope shrimp farming system is the most promising new method for environment friendly closed shrimp farm production system in the world.
In this system you can farm shrimp at high densities and smaller volumes throughout the year!
CreveTope is an ultra-intensive culture system for shrimps without the use of new water through a biological treatment of aerobic and heterotrophic bacteria, also called biofloc technology.
Once established it brings down the production costs with 20 % and lowers the Feed conversion ratio !
Thanks to zero exchange of water there are no effluents so the environmental impact is reduced. The application of such a system meets the growing aquaculture concept of a responsible, sustainable and environmentally shrimp farming method.
The CreveTope system also reduces the risk of introduction and spread of diseases. When covered with a building or greenhouse this system provides the only good option for a bio-secure shrimp farm.
The CreveTope system can be used in closed buildings for temperate regions as well as in open ponds.

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