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The CreveTope system is equipped with an advanced bioreactor, which increases the flexibility of water quality management.
The utilisation of this bioreactor is the main difference between the CreveTope production method and other shrimp production systems using bioflocs. This bioreactor enables a longer utilisation of culture water without addition of chemicals for pH adjustment. Nitrate levels can be controlled.
The production of excess bioflocs is minimized and can be easely removed without special equipment.
The advanced utilisation and control of bioflocs through a special bioreactor not only reduces the environmental impact, but also optimises the nutrient recycling into new protein biomass, as additional nutrition for the shrimp, resulting in faster growth and reduced FCR.
This reactor was developed by CreveTec at ILVO in Oostende.
Each bioreactor is customized to the farm production strategy.
CreveTope farms are always equipped with this bioreactor.

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