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Cotinfi is a textile machine manufacturer, located in Belgium.

The focus of its know-how is on the carpet-related industry.

Cotinfi is dedicated to the development and promotion of its propriety technology of Carpet Manufacturing by Bonding.

Cotinfi's basic propriety technology concerns :

FBC    =  Fusion Bonded Carpet manufacturing        (E)

            =  Klebepolteppichverfahren                        (D)

            =  le procédé nappé-collé                            (FR)

            = Plaktapijt                                                  (NL)

            = Alfombras pegadas                                   (SP)


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1. Fusion Bonding, or FBC carpet manufacturing, is situated between the weaving and tufting technology..

It realizes the tuft lock of the pile yarn, by an adhesive layer scraped on top of a single backing...

        View of top floor of a FBC-manufacturing machine       

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However, Cotinfi's latest innovation, concerns...: USB ...

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2. Ultra Sonic Bonding, or USB carpet manufacturing.

Herewith, the tuft lock is realized by a micro-weld of the thermoplastic pile material on the (single) synthetic backing.

For more information, interested carpet manufacturers should take up contact with Cotinfi.

use following address: cotinfi@skynet.be (click on address link to open your e-mail editor)

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Cotinfi is also specialised and possesses a large experience in the market niche of Carpet Tiles.

Building on its experience with vinyl and with infra-red curing ovens, Cotinfi has developed a

3. Tile Back-Coating Line, or TBCL.

In this machine carpet rolls are back-coated with a PVC-coating, making them ready for subsequent punching into modular squares.

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To contact us: cotinfi@skynet.be

tel +32-56-72.75.11

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