The article 1. The name - Site - Term of activity - General provisions

1.1 International association having the charitable, scientific and educational purposes according to the Law from October 25, 1919 with the corrections, statutory from December 6, 1954, and named " the European academy of informatisation ", in abbreviated form "..I." hereby is established.

1.2 The site of association is established to the address: 1050 Bruxelles, street Faider 67-69. The academy can change the legal address within the limits of Belgium on solution of Board of directors ..I., which should be published in appendix to "Monitour Belge".

1.3 Term of activity of Association is not limited. It can at any moment be dissolved according to the legislation and provisions of the present Charter.

1.4 The European academy of informatisation hereinafter referred to as Academy, is open public independent self-controlled noncommercial association consolidating scientific, experts - professionals, public and state figures dividing the same ideas in field of informatiology, creation of an information product in all branches of economy, analysis of information and perfecting of scientific activity in all areas of a science, informatisation of company within the framework of creation of uniform worldwide distributed - local informational - cellular community, The academy is based and realizes the activity according to principles of individual freedom and equality of the rights all of its members.

1.5 The academy has the seal, flag, arms, emblem, official forms and other distinctions.

The article 2. The purpose

2.1 The public purposes of association are stated in items 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 of present articles.

The realization of the purposes should be achieved extremely at the expense of accomplishment of charitable, scientific and educational activity, as it is established by the Law from October 25, 1919 about international associations with the corrections statutory from December 6, 1954.

The accomplishment of commercial activity should not contradict noncommercial character of association, which reputes, that at any circumstances, directly or indirectly through the members the association can extract material benefit. The accomplishment of the public purposes should pass according to the current legislation, as it is stated in the article 4 of the present Charter.

2.2 The basic purposes of Academy are:

2.3 For reaching these purposes the Academy executes the following problems:

2.4 For accomplishment of the purposes and responsibilities. The academy has the right:

2.5 The basic directions of activity of Academy consist in the following:

The article 3. Titles of honour and distinctions

3.1 For merits the Academy has the right to award with the diplomas, honorary diplomas, international premiums and golden medals (for issued merits in the field of informatisation of world community).

3.2 The academy is authorized to award the following scientific degrees and academic ranks: - The doctor of philosophy, doctor of sciences, doctor of pedagogics, doctor of business administration, doctor of administration of government; - The professor, adjoint - professor and senior lecturer.

3.3 The academy awards in a kind of exclusiveness of reachings in the field of intellectual development, practical reaching in technical, educational, political and other kinds of community work following scientific degree: "grand-doctor" - according to the rules of Academy on appropriation of scientific degrees; "prima-doctor", according to the rules of the English-American system of derivation traditionally recognized by international community.

The article 4. Legal and territorial aspects of activity

4.1 At accomplishment of the activity stated in the Charter, the Academy is guided by requests UN, the UNESCO and other international organizations and acts according to the Belgian legislation; The academy equally follows the provisions of the international treaties and present Charter.

4.2 The appropriate labour legislation, legislation on the social warranties and social protection usable to all employees of Academy.

4.3 The academy realizes the activity on territory of Belgium.

The article 5. The members of Academy, their right and responsibility

5.1 The members of Academy can be the natural and legal persons.

5.2 The natural persons being the members of Academy, can have or not have citizenship - science officers, experts and engineering occupied in sphere of industrial activity, not industrial activity, agriculture, administrations of government, policies accepting active participation in informatiology, information relations, organization and increase of quality of information exchange, creation of modern information products, informatization of company, technology of democracy self-controlled cells of the information depositing the large contribution to increase of a level of information culture of world community.

5.3 Depending on individual merits and contribution, the members of Academy can have a rank of "academician" (full member) or "correspondent member " of Academy.

5.4 The academicians and correspondent- members are selected by General Assembly (Conference) of Academy by voting under the recommendation of any other member of Academy. The honorary academicians are selected by Board of directors under the recommendation of any other member of Academy.

5.5 The collectives of the enterprises, institutes and public organizations depositing the active contribution to informatisation of international community, can as the legal person become the members of Academy.

5.6 The legal persons are accepted in the members of Academy by General Assembly (Conference) of Academy under the application which is in writing, at the request of collective of the workers wishing to become by the members of Academy.

5.7 The members of Academy - legal and natural persons - have the right:

5.8 The members of Academy - legal and natural persons - have the following responsibilities:

5.9 The members of Academy can at any time leave from association, having routed the letter to address Board of directors.

5 10 The member of Academy can not be eliminated, except for as on solution of General Assembly (Conference) on weighty circumstances. The contempt to the Charter is considered as good cause for exception, as well as any certificate touching honour and dignity of Academy. Any solution about exception can not come into force, if the possibility publicly will not be given to the appropriate member of Academy to act before General assembly (Conference) and to explain the item.

The article 6. An organization structure of Academy

6.1 The authorities of Academy are General Assembly (or Conference) of members of Academy and Board of Directors of Academy.

6.2 The supreme body of Academy is the General Assembly or Conference of its members. The general Assembly (Conference) is conducted in its headquarter or other place in Belgium indicated in solution about convocation, when that is demanded by interests of association, under the initiative of Board of Directors of Academy, president of Academy or auditor commission.

The General Assembly has a quorum, if on it is present, at least, half of members of Academy is presented. The quorum in two third of members of Academy is necessary for change of the provisions of the Charter.

The two third of members of Academy also is necessary for decision making about dissolution of association a quorum.

Each member of Academy can be presented on General Assembly other member of Academy, having given him on that written assignment. Each member of Academy at voting, apart from an own voice, has the right to vote for that member of Academy, which he represents.

6.3 General Assembly (Conference):

6.4 All solutions of General Assembly (Conference) of Academy are accepted two thirds of voices of the members present or introduced according to item 6.2.

All changes in the Charter should be, besides are affirmed by the royal decree and are published in appendix to "Monitour Belge".

6.5 The solutions of General Assembly are recorded. The protocols of General Assembly remain deposited in the special register and are under the legal address under the responsibility of Board of directors.

6.6 Executive organ of Academy is the Board of Directors headed by the president of Academy. The Board of Directors includes the president of Academy, vice-presidents, general scientific secretary and members of Board of directors.

The candidatures of the vice-presidents and members of Board of Directors are defined by General Assembly (Conference) or Board of Directors. The members of Board of Directors pay the annual charges, whose size installs Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors gathers under the legal address or in the other place in Belgium indicated in solution about convocation, when that is required by interests of association or under the initiative of the president of Academy.

6.7 The assemblies of Board of Directors are recorded. The protocols of meetings remain deposited in the special register and are under the legal address under the responsibility of the president of Academy.

6.8 Board of Directors of Academy:

6.9 President of Academy:

6.10 Director of Academy:

6.11 Auditor commission: - controls financial and economic activity of Academy. The control checks are realized not more often once annually. The auditor commission is subject to General Assembly (Conference), reports about results of checks and grants the appropriate report on the statement to General assembly.

The article 7. Means and other operational lifes of Academy

7.1 The academy can be of the proprietors all necessary or useful movable and real estate for accomplishment directly or indirectly purposes according to the Belgian legislation. The academy can also have publishing houses, printing houses, enterprises, charitable institutes created according to the purposes of Academy.

7.2 The financial resources of Academy can be received from the voluntary donations of the sponsors, enterprises, institutes and organizations, from means bought from organization of forums, lotteries, conferences, exhibitions, sports and other measures, from the charges of the members (legal and natural persons) and from other sources which were not forbidden to the law.

The article 8. The termination(discontinuance) of activity of Academy

The solution about the termination(discontinuance) of activity of Academy is accepted by General Assembly of Academy according to items 6.2 and 6.4. The property which has stayed after liquidation of Academy, should be used with the purposes of, foreseen present Charter, provided that the accounts and debts before banks and other creditors are paid.

The article 9. Other provisions

For application of the present Charter concerning association, its members, administrative staff, directors, liquidators and everyone, who has the valid right to represent association, the place in Belgium should be elected. If such address is not elected, it considers the legal address of association, where all services of summons, court ruling and notice should be directed. The article 10. The general rule of interpretation of the Charter The present Charter should not contradict the Belgian legislation on international associations at all. All rules, procedure and definitions contained in the present Charter and contradicting to the Belgian legislation, are considered void. All rules, procedure and definition calling doubts, should be interpreted according to spirit of the above named legislation.

Is considered for appendix to the royal decree on September 19, 1999.


The minister of the justice

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