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Chris Renson was born on the 27 of November 1962 in Hasselt Belgium.


After his studies in the Royal Athenaeum of Keerbergen , where he lived , he went to

filmschool in Brussels . He got bored of learning only the theory of filmmaking and wanted to have

a more practical approach . So he started very early to work as a grip and as an electrician on short

features, long features and commercials . While he worked he continued his studies.


In his third year he was offered to be Clapper loader on 2 long features: Mascara and

a strange love affair , the latter produced by All Arts . Later they offered him to be clapper loader

on Z.O.O. , the second long fiction film of Peter Greenaway .


When he finished his studies, All Arts offered him to be focus puller on

Drowning by numbers and later on The cook , the thief , his wife and her lover .

Other features as focus puller are: Dilemma and Sailors don't cry .


Next step was to be Camera operator on Peter Greenaway's next movie: Prospero's books.

That started his passion for his profession.

After that came The Baby of Macon , Achterland , De zevende hemel and almost twenty features

for the French television .


In 1999 he was seven weeks in the States to shoot a documentary called Technocalyps .

Then he worked on a comic feature from the French comic actor Jean-Marie

Bigard called L'ame soeur .

And to finish he worked on Rembrandt with director Charles Matton ,

Cinematographer  Pierre Dupouey and featuring Klaus-Maria Brandauer as Rembrandt.


In 2000 he mainly stayed in Belgium and worked with Dominique Deruddere on Iedereen beroemd.

This film was nominated for the Oscars of non English spoken films.

He also worked with Luc Pien on Vergeten straat and

with Chris Vanderstappen on que faisaient les femmes quand l'homme marchait sur la lune.


In 2001 he worked with Jacques Otmezguine on Une employee modele and

with Mehdi Chareff he shot Bent Keltoum in Tunisia.


In 2002 He worked with T. De Mey on  Fase, a filmed choreography of Ann Theresa De Keersmaeker

With Y. Samuel on Jeux D'enfants with M.Cotillard and G. Canet

And shot a TV feature in Thailand called les prisonniers du silence.


In 2003 he worked with P. Bouchitey on Imposture

Shot a TV feature in Bulgaria called Peine d'une mère


In 2004 some TV work, A TV series called La Battante

He shot a part of a feature in Mongolia called Sequences Mongoles


In 2005 He worked with Pierre Paul Renders on Comme tout le monde

With M.Riviere on
Le Lièvre de Vatanen with C. Lambert

and made a TV feature called
Comme sur des roulettes.


In 2006 He worked on the first feature film of writer Eric-Emanuel Schmidt

Called  Odette toulemonde. He worked on some TV series as

Commissaire Cordier with director Henri Helmann and on a New Series for TF1 called

Paris Enquêtes criminelles with Gilles Béat

Chris Renson is a versatile operator. He works as easily with a geared head as with a fluid head as

handheld. 18 years of experience taught him to respect all members of the crew and trained him in

working under difficult conditions .The most important thing is that the actors feel comfortable playing in

front of the camera and still have technically outstanding shots in the time given .


He worked with different cinematographers as Sacha Vierny, Henry Alekan,

Willy Stassen, Bernard Malaisy, Jean Penzer, Patrice Payen , Dominique Collin,

Antoine Roch, Carlo Varini, Virginie St-Martin, Michel Houssiau, Pierre Dupouey,

Alain Marcoen, Alain Levent, Stefan Ivanov, Raymond Fromont, Thierry Schwartz


He speaks fluently Flemish, French and English.


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