At  dlink.comSignull is selling  modified DWL-650 with MMCX  connector . (20jun2002)

DWL-650 upper side

DWL-650 before opening

It is relatively easy to open : just close the clips with a toothpick from the far end inward and gently force the metal piece to bring out the plastic "wings".

Garry Buckle from Perth (AU) suggests less ambiguous (and in better english) instructions :-) : It is relatively easy to open: close the 4 round clips with a toothpick starting with the 2 on the end, then open the metal clips on the end of the card beside the antenna. Then gently squeeze on the sides of the card while carefully pulling the antenna cover wings out the end of the card. This is how I did it anyway! It might not have been neccessary to touch the metal clips. I haven't removed the large cover to fully inspect the mechanism and did it to try to be sure of not damaging the antenna cover wings. (Rem: I did not open the metal clips, but I can't translate the french 'forcer legerement la plaque de metal pour extraire les ailes' (~carefully put out of shape the sheet of metal to extract the antenna cover wings)?) (14dec01)


Here is a close-up of the antenna.  One can see there are two antennas (why it is called 'diversity' antenna).  It is almost ready to solder a connector or a coax.
See   http://c0rtex.com/~will/antenna/  for details...


And here is the label with almost no usefull information except the Mac-Address (00 05 5D - .. .. ..)

See also  Avaya and  WLI-PCM-L11-3 (Buffalo/Melco)

09sep01 ( Christophe Cattelain ) (  main ) (original: http://users.skynet.be/chricat/DWL-650.html )