The chocolate virtues

Sugar free chocolate for diabetics !

"When somebody has drunk it, he is able to travel all day without tiredness and eating."
(Diaz del Castillo, companion of Cortes)


The nutitional and energy qualities of the chocolate were very appreciated by the Spanish during the early New World colonization.
Today, it is used by the sport competitors as chocolate is an excellent energy booster thanks to its constitutes (iron, magnesium, ...)


Since the time of Aztecs & Mayas who have initiated cocoa consumption, the chocolate has always been considered as a sexual stimulant. Even the aztec emperor Moctezuma drank it to " have women access ".
The theologian Fransiscus Rauch wrote in 1624 " that beverage drank in convents inflame passions ".

The Emperor Moctezuma


In the 16th century, the Spanish aristrocatic ladies consumed chocolate everywhere even in church. Did it help them supporting the too long Masses ?
Today, we know that chocolate contains " pheryletylanine " which would have a positive action in case of nervous depression.

The chocolate for diabetics - it is sugar free !

This is a great news for diabetics : sugar-free chocolate exist !
The traditional sugar - which is a important constitute of chocolate taste - may be substitued by " maltitol ".
The " maltitol " is a sugar extracted from germinate barley and is better for the stomach and the intestines. And it has the great advantage to be harmless for diabetics (see your doctor for more information).

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