Belgian bird lists

Throughout Europe, the fact that Rarities Committees had to deal with every first national record, quite naturally led them to maintain updated lists of all bird species and subspecies having occurred in their country.

Here, we offer you four lists of the birds recorded in Belgium, sorted according to the standard AERC Categories.

European bird systematics is currently in a process of rapid evolution ; for this reason, the taxonomic status given to some forms can vary greatly from an author (and from a country) to another one. In an effort to homogenize the bird lists of the various European countries, the AERC decided to set up a taxonomic body : the AERC TAC ("Taxonomic Advisory Committee").
The TAC groups taxonomists from France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Britain. Using Voous's publications (1973, 1977a, 1977b) as a starting point for species treatment, and Cramp et al. (1977 to 1994) for subspecies treatment, the AERC TAC established - and finally published on the Internet at the end of 2003 - a complete list of taxonomic recommendations for which a high level of consensus exists, aiming to modify the treatment adopted in the two aforementioned references.
As we had already announced in the 1996-97 and 1998-2001 (first part) CH reports, we prefer to conform to these recommendations : the taxonomic sequence and treatment adopted here have been modified accordingly.

The Categories
Categories A and B
Category C
Category D
Category E


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