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'Moz-Art' mini-album consists of 5 electronica remakes and free interpretations of works by genius-composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was recorded live 13.09.03 in Vooruit (Ghent,Belgium).

Read review by Mohovaya Boroda.


01 Vocosphere           03:09  (MP3, VBR, 3.93MB)
02 Dreaming K.467      09:00  (MP3, VBR, 12.2MB)
03 Flute Quartet         09:25  (MP3, VBR, 13.4MB)
04 October Waltz        01:51  (MP3, VBR, 2.88MB)
05 Thinking 25            07:28  (MP3, VBR, 11.2MB)

You can also download the full album in zip archieve:
elements_of_sci-fi_'moz-art' (43.5MB)

There is also a limited edition CD-R with 'Moz-Art' available.
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Special thanks to:
Creator, our parents, Mohovaya Boroda (cover design) & Nastya, Eva&Wim (for the chance), Oliver "Chto Takoe" (equipment,constant support), Stefan Wyler (equipment, constant support), Vitalik and Oleg Kornev (constant support and help), Frederik Scholaert (constant support and help), Dirty Robot (hosting), Wim Wille (help,support,transportation), and all the others who helped but wasn't mentioned here. Thank you!!!

Respect and greetings to:
Xavier Cloet, Spacid(FGA), Mecanoiz(FGA, Dr.Splitz), Praecox, Gert&Greet&Nico, Guy Van Belle,Gary (Appletree), Matthias Bonte, Nico Vandeputte, Stijn, Nancy Loos, Lode Vytterschaut, Stijn De Weirdt, Steven Vercruysse, Daniel Sossi, Jean-Pierre, Dima Protasevich (JDPC), Artem Hudyakov (UN-CO), Egor Tolochko, DJ IFU, Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge (+ all Logos Crew), PF collegas and crew, Dirk Jonckhere and all our dearest friends and collegues.


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