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De Camer van Musiecke

De Camer van Musiecke ("the music chamber") performs renaissance music, mainly from 16th century Italy, France, Spain, England and the Low Countries.

They draw on compositions by (among others) Jacob van Eyck, Orlando di Lasso, Jacques Arcadelt, Nicolas Gombert, Thomas Crequillon, Giovanni Bassano, Cipriano de Rore, Giovanni Battista Riccio, Giovanni Paolo Cima, Girolamo Frescobaldi and, of course, the inevitable, but most versatile and unseizable


Their former programmes "The Songbook of Andreas Notorius" (a joint project with the mixed choir De Andere Notie), "Doulce Mémoire", "Spring in the Groeninge Museum", "Music for Citizens of Bruges" and "Carlos Quinto" (a joint project with the mixed choir Bladelinensemble) have delighted audiences. At gala inaugurations, exhibitions, banquets, lectures (illustrating "Dowland"), weddings etc. audiences are invariably moved and astonished by the enchanting quality of their music. Not only in Belgium are they met with admiration, they have also received great acclaim in Italy (Recanati), Switzerland (Zürich) and Spain (Salamanca).

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