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De Camer van Musiecke

Since 1996 Kathleen Houtteman (recorder), Eric Hoorens (lute) and Frank Travers (viola da gamba) have been playing together in a trio named De Camer van Musiecke ("the music chamber"). The repertoire consists mainly of music from the 16th and early 17th century. Diminutions (gracing the melody with virtuoso quick notes) are their speciality. They play with visible pleasure, audible musical taste and touching sense of unity.
They are coached by the famous lute player Lieven Misschaert.

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Kathleen blokfluit Kathleen Houtteman studied with many famous recorder players such as Patrick Peire, Florian Heyerick, Patrick Laureys, Ellen Delahanty and Tomma Wessel. She plays a vast collection of recorders, but only one at a time. After some remarkable solo performances in the Egyptian Sinai and Northern Sahara music circles started calling her "The Desert´s Windpipe" and her value is now allegedly estimated at 50 camels! Recently she played a remarkable solo concert in Sweden, which means the sweet sound of her recorder can be heard from the tropics to the pole circle.
Eric Hoorens, pupil of Lieven Misschaert, laureate at the Bruges Conservatoire, plays a 6-chorus lute. He likes dressing in historical costumes, but never finds one in his size. Although Eric meticulously pursues historical correctness in his playing style and fingering technique, he does not wish to follow his 16th-century predecessors´ example, who took their lutes with them to bed to keep their humidity at an ideal level. Eric still prefers his wife. luit Eric
Frank gamba Frank Travers was trained by Dirk Van Meirvenne and plays in several gamba consorts. He plays the bass viol. Frank is without doubt the most charming, intelligent, athletic, generous, and wittiest, in short the kindest of the group. He also writes the programme and curricula texts.

From time to time De Camer van Musiecke cooperates with one or more singers.

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