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Centre Culturel, Comines, Belgium, November 7, 2008

Left to Right :

Alan Glen (harmonica, congas, tambourine, vocals)

Ben King (guitar, vocals)

Special Guest : Jean-Michel Kajdan (guitar, vocals)

Jim McCarty (drums, vocals)

John Idan (bass, vocals)

Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar, maraccas, vocals)

Track Listing:

The Train Kept-A-Rollin'

Please Don't Tell Me About The News

Drinkin' Muddy Water

Heartful Of Soul

My Blind Life

The Nazz Are Blue

You're A Better Man Than I

Shapes Of Things

Mr Saboteur

Mystery Of Being

Rack My Mind

Over Under Sideways Down

Still I'm Sad

Back Where I Started

For Your Love

Happening The Years Time Ago

Dazed And Confused

Encore 1:

I Wish You Would

Encore 2:

I'm A Man

Getting Ready...Soundcheck And Rehearsals





Now's The Time For The Concert

Concert Pictures by Yves Leterme













And Now...It's Over...



Xavier W. (from Rock Band B-SIDE), Chris Dreja and Webmaster                                                                   Webmaster with Jim McCarty

Many thanks to Agnes, Isabelle and Paul.

Thanks to Yves Leterme for providing concert pictures.

Thanks to Xavier and Marie for the pictures with Chris and Jim.

And thanks to the Yardbirds for their kindness, a great concert and a wonderful day.