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If you have a CD out or you would like to recommend a CD to Byrds Flyght's visitors,

just send an e-mail to the webmaster

Starbyrd - Return Of A Starbyrd

(January 2011 CD by Horst-Peter Schmidt's band - The Crown Prince Of The Rickenbacker 12 String))

Strongly Recommended by Byrds Flyght

Francesco Lucarelli - Find The Light

(September 2010 CD - with Graham Nash, Jeff Pevar, James Raymond, Kenny Passarelli, Bill Kaffenberger, and a cast of  thousand other great artists...)

Strongly Recommended by Byrds Flyght

Your Side Of The Story - Bill Kaffenberger

Singer-songwriter strongly influenced by The Byrds

Horst-Peter Schmidt - Phoenix

Byrds-influenced artist from Germany - "The Crown Prince of The Rickenbacker 12 String Guitar"

More info here:

GAT (Graham Allman-Talbot) - Eclecticity

Byrds / Beatles-influenced artist from the U.K. with a cover of a Byrds song and a cover of a Roger McGuinn song.

More info here:

Peter O'Brien and Tony Poole - Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars

12 string Rickenbacker & acoustic guitars, lots of vocal harmonies - should appeal to Byrds fans

More info here:

The Autumn Leaves - Long Lost Friend

12 string Rickenbacker & acoustic guitars, lots of vocal harmonies - should appeal to Byrds fans

The band's website is at

Ron Martin (Byrds-influenced artist and a member of the Byrdmaniax List) and Marco Zanzi (another Byrds-influenced artist from Italy, and the webmaster of the Byrds Lyrics webpage), have put together a band called The Piedmont Brothers Band.

You can purchase it through the PBB website (PayPal instant purchase service available - credit cards/secure server).

The Chymes Of Freedom - Waiting For The Mystery Train

Byrds-sounding band from the Northwest. Moby Grape's Jerry Miller guests on 5 tracks.

You can order the CD here:


Pamela Richardson - Sainte-Fortunat

Pamela Richardson is a big Gene Clark Fan, and a member of the Yahoo! Gene Clark mailing list.

Official release date is April 15, 2008 on the Steady Boy Records label.

Pamela can fill orders, so anyone interested shoudl contact Pam at

Paypal accepted for international orders.

British band The Ugly Guys (with ex-members of The Kursaal Flyers) have released a CD of Gram Parsons songs.

It's called Truckers, Kickers And Cowboy Angels.

You can order the CD here:

Just Fall To Piece by Dave Gleason's Wasted Days

Dave Gleason's previous CD contained an unreleased song written by Gram Parsons

Wasted Days member Pat Johnson had Gene Parsons guesting on one of his solo albums.

Playing lead guitar on Just Fall To Pieces is no other than Albert Lee

More info by clicking here:

Breakdown Union by Charley Dush

Singer-songwriter-guitar player strongly influenced by The Byrds, The Beatles, Tom Petty...

You can buy this CD by visiting

Jingle Jangle Journey by Horst-Peter Schmidt

Compilation of previously released songs spanning HPS' entire recording career from 1988 to 2004.

You can pre-order the CD by sending an e-mail to Horst-Peter at

Then To Now - GAT (Graham Allman-Talbot) (2006)

Singer-songwriter strongly influenced by The Byrds and The Beatles, and an ex-member of Starbyrd

'Then To Now' is a collection of songs from 1999 right up to the present day. If you missed out on getting hold of the 'Coloured Blue' & 'Moving On' CD's, then this new CD by GAT is what you need. Included on the CD are also four tracks taken from the Starbyrd CD 'On The Other Side Of Mad' which GAT participated in, as well as a newly recorded song.

16 tracks in all, this CD will be well worth having.

You can order it from GAT's website at

Basic Glee - Richard X. Heyman (2002)

Singer-songwriter strongly influenced by The Byrds

Richard's new album is planned for release later this year (2006). As you can see on the cover of his 2002 CD mentioned here, Richard also plays a Rickenbacker, which helps a lot when it comes to sounding like The Byrds. All songs on this CD were written, produced and performed by Richard.

Jingle Jangle Morning - Bill Kaffenberger

Singer-songwriter strongly influenced by The Byrds

Times On Hold - Robert Wiersma

Dutch singer-songwriter influenced by The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers

Read more about Robert Wiersma at

You can listen to samples, downloads some songs and order the CD from there.

Mockingbyrd - Sally Spring

This excellent CD features Gene Parsons on backing vocals and pedal steel guitar.

You can hear two versions of Gram Parsons' song Hickory Wind (electric and acoustic) on this album.

Read more about Sally Spring at

You can order the CD from there.

Goin' Back - Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin is one of the pop legends of the 1970's. He's a veteran member of The Original Cast of Beatlemania.

Read more about Les at his website

You can listen to samples and order this CD here:

Byrds fans won't be disappointed. Next to covers of well known songs, Les offers some of his own compositions.

Fill your ears with that magical Rickenbacker 12 string sound!

Jangleholic - Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin is one of the pop legends of the 1970's. He's a veteran member of The Original Cast of Beatlemania.

Read more about Les at his website

You can listen to samples and order this CD here:

Byrds fans won't be disappointed. Next to covers of well known songs, Les offers some of his own compositions.

Fill your ears with that magical Rickenbacker 12 string sound!

The Circle - Ron Martin And Friends

RON MARTIN (a member of the Byrdmaniax and Gene Clark mailing lists) has just released his new CD on the 

FLYING CLOUD label. It is called THE CIRCLE OF LIFE and is Byrds-related!

Next to songs written by Ron Martin, the CD also includes covers of Gene Clark, Byrds and Manassas songs.

(It Doesn't Matter, Eight Miles High, Here without You)

You can order Ron's CD here:

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each CD will go to the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

Rancho Deluxe - Rancho Deluxe

Lead by Jesse Harris (Greg Harris' son).

An excellent country rock album with Clarence White styled picking by Jesse Harris.

Of interest to Byrds fans with ex Flying Burrito Brother Greg Harris, ex Flying Burrito Brother & Roger McGuinn Band David Vaught

and Jay Dee Maness from the Desert Rose Band among the musicians.


Silver Shoes - Old friend

Silver Shoes (Maureen Finlon and John Finnigan) are a Texas duo, influenced by The Byrds tree of artists (particularly by the Emmylou Harris / Gram Parsons duets). The name SILVER SHOES is actually taken from Gramís song Brass Buttons. Playing on their OLD FRIEND CD are Chris Ethridge (ex-member of The International Submarine Band, The Flying Burrito Brothers and co-writer of Hot Burrito #1, Hot Burrito #2 and She with Gram Parsons) and Byron Berline (also an ex-member of The Flying Burrito Brothers, and also playing on both Gram Parsons solo albums). Also participating are Frank Reckard (from Emmylouís Hot Band), Rick Richards, The Kennedys, Rick Poss, Don Richmond and Emily Dugas.  

Byrds Flyght strongly recommends this excellent Byrds-influenced CD to its visitors.  

OLD FRIEND can be purchased from Silver Shoesí website at

Bill Kaffenberger - This World Is Bound To Fall

There are many artists that have been influenced by The Byrds and Roger McGuinnís Rickenbacker 12 string guitar style. Long time Byrds/McGuinn fan BILL KAFFENBERGER is one of them. A member of the Yahoo Byrdmaniax mailing list, Bill has just released his 4th CD called THIS WORLD IS BOUND TO FALL on AMARIAH Records. 

An excellent piece of work, this is just what we Byrds fans need to get our shot of Byrds/McGuinn/Rickenbacker 12 string sound. Bill wrote 10 out of the 12 songs on this CD. He is credited with lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitars, electric 12 string guitar, production, engineering, mixing and mastering.

You can order Billís CD from CDBaby at

Visit Billís own website at

Another webpage dedicated to Bill is at   

You can write to Bill at  

Recommended by Byrds Flyght!

The Pralines - Song of the Day Cafe

for sale at CD Baby:

The Pralines are Pamela Richardson's band. Pam is a big Gene Clark Fan, and a member of the Yahoo! Gene Clark mailing list.

From Pam:

"It eventually will be available via Amazon and some other sources (or you can contact me directly). It's 12 songs by yours truly, including a bonus track recorded in Austin with the Shakin' Apostles and produced by that fabulous Texas Music Hall of Fame inductee hisself (and Austin Gene Tribute Show coordinator) Mr. Freddie Steady Krc! We all had a great time working on this, and I was very lucky to have contributions from such wonderful, talented artists."

From CD Baby:

"The Pralines deliver 12 wonderful country-tinged rock and roll tunes on "Song of the Day Cafe", featuring the songwriting of frontwoman and bandleader Pam Richardson. The disc features several different sonic flavors as backdrops...moving from soft acoustic guitar and piano (The Living Daylights) to loud, distorted straight-ahead rock (The War Around the Corner), and from introspective ballad (Back to the Sun) to uptempo singalong (Dear Refugee). A who's-who of veteran Chicago studio musicians contributes incredible performances and counterpoint to the distinctive alto and acoustic guitar of Richardson."

BYRDS related band  have released their first CD called ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MAD

It is filled with Byrds-sounding songs. Actually, it sounds more "Byrds" than any solo album recorded by ex-Byrds 

members (except maybe for Roger McGuinn's Back From Rio).


It contains an excellent version of an hitherto unreleased Roger McGuinn / Camilla McGuinn song called THE TEARS

(which Roger performed live in the mid-80s). 

Roger helped the band with suggestions for the recording, and Camilla wrote part of the booklet liner notes.

You can order it from this page:

Charlie Taylor's CD ONCE UPON A TIME (released in 2002) is strongly recommended by Byrds Flyght.

Charlie Taylor was a friend of ex-Byrds drummer Kevin Kelley. This CD is dedicated to Kevin Kelley (and others).

Playing with Charlie Taylor on this album is a cast of stars and excellent musicians: Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, Mike Leech, Mike Durham, Carson Whitsett, Ian Wallace, Rick Vito (ex-member of Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd), Jimmy Griffin, Scotty Moore, Barry Tashian (co-founder of the original Flying Burrito Brothers pre-Gram Parsons), Daniel Tashian, Terry Townson, Dennis Taylor, Ross Sermons, Geoff Gilette...and more

You can order Charlie Taylor's CD from his website at

Mike Headrick's CD STEELS ON WHEELS (released in april 2004) features instrumental versions of songs 

by Chris Hillman & Gram Parsons.

You can purchase Mike Headrick's CD from his web site:

Bruce Kula's CD ARS GRATIA WHATEVER (released in 2003) features Roger McGuinn playing and singing on one track.

You can get Bruce Kula's CD from CD BABY at


Long time Chris Hillman writing partner Steve Hill has a new CD out called TRAIN

You can order the CD directly from Steve by sending him an e-mail at

Steve and Chris co-wrote tens of songs for the Desert Rose Band.

Here's a review of this CD by Alan Rockman. It is actually a message sent to Steve Hill by Alan (reprinted with permission).

"To use country parlance, it is a darn good album.
All of the songs are well-crafted, and reflect current human condition, the instrumentation is sharp, the guitar solos (I presume that the regular electric solos are yours???) are strong and come in at the right places. And Steve, you are one of the best vocalists there is - up there with your compadre who is one of the best, period.
Before I get to the songs themselves, just one more comment. There's another Steve that I've had the pleasure of meeting who is just as strong a vocalist, guitarist, and as compelling as a singer-songwriter as you are. His politics might be a bit different, but he comes from that Southern and Texas tradition too. I am referring to Steve "Seven Bridges Road" "Lonesome On'ry and Mean" Young. He has that strong sense of integrity, of honesty, of telling a good story in his songs - and Steve Hill does too.
Not a bad song in the bunch. Of course I know of all of the Hill-Hillman gems ("God's Plan", "Like A Hurricane", "Living On the Edge") and the songs from "Feathers and Stone", "Jack", "Small Town" and "El Camino Real" (love the Tejano influence there) and have always enjoyed listening to them. But glad to hear "Ain't Been A Train" "I Am Reaching"...(can't think of the other word and don't have the cd in front of me)", the faith-based song that opens the cd, and am genuinely moved by "Road to Bravado" (in fact, listening to that song gave me an idea - how about an album of purely Cowboy and Western songs with you, Chris and Herb doing vocals and backed by the old Desert Rose boys ala "Bakersfield Bound" and "Way Out West"??? (maybe get Buck and Cody too, if he gets with the program). I have played "Road" again and again since I heard it Friday night. It has that old Marty Robbins and even Dave Stamey flavor to it...
 About the only song I'm not into was "For The Love" and it would have been great to have "Heaven's Lullaby" (that should definitely had been on it) "Love Reunited", "Summer Wind" and "Story of Love" on the cd too, (not to mention that poignant song about the individual we know or knew of) but one can't have everything. Practically every one of the songs that you picked were excellent choices, and it is a superb cd.
If there were any justice, and if California Country ruled the Country charts, rather than the rock and pop-based pap that Nashville churns our stomachs with nowadays, these songs would be played and played on Country radio. And let me repeat this, I am not saying this because Steve Hill is a good friend, or Chris Hillman is, or to stroke egos. I've heard the majority of these songs before, and I know how special, how honest they are.
"Train" is an excellent album with excellent stories, excellent and (yes, I'll use Chris' term) soulful honest singing, and excellent instrumentation in all of the right places, from fiddle to guitar solo, to some of J.D. Maness' prime work. It is indeed the best thus far of Steve Hill and it deserves wide distribution.
 I will forward this message to the byrdsflyght site because I truly believe in the quality music, writing and singing that you do - and what Chris also does with your joint collaborations. You have made a believer of me, if I wasn't one already!"

California country band DAVE GLEASON'S WASTED DAYS recorded a unreleased/unheard

GRAM PARSONS song on their self titled debut cd on Well Worn records in 2002. 

The song was pulled from a bootleg cassette, and is called "FUNKY STRING QUARTET". 


Details at

(read ROGER McGUINN's comments hereunder)


This band (lead by Tony Poole) released two albums in the mi-seventies (Starry Eyed And Laughing and Thought Talk), as well as several singles. They took their name from the lyrics of Bob Dylan's CHIMES OF FREEDOM. This double CD (released on the AURORA label) compiles both LPs and the singles. The band was heavily Byrds-influenced (Jingle-Jangle Sound, Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, Harmony vocals). They were not a Byrds cover band, but wrote their own songs, except for a stunning version of Chimes Of Freedom done the Byrds way (included on this double CD). The CDs come with a very informative 20 pages-thick booklet, with liner notes, lyrics, biography, family tree, pictures and press clippings. 

Tony Poole also has another excellent CD out called FALLEN with his current band THE FALCONS. It has the same Byrds-sounding style with harmony vocals and Rickenbacker 12 string licks (some straight from the FIFTH DIMENSION era)

Here's what Roger McGuinn wrote to Tony Poole about the Falcons album:

(quoted with permission)

"I've listened to "Fallen." The cover looks like a scene from "Chestnut Mare." You're right, it's mostly country. "It's Gonna Rain Soon" is exceptionally good. Great production, amazing compression and technique on the Rickenbacker, good vocals. Makes me want to record something like this myself!

All the best,


You can order both these CDs by sending an e-mail to Tony Poole at

Just say Raoul form Byrds Flyght sent you.

Gene Clark's "Feeling Higher" is covered by OSEEO on their newly released CD "Perilous Rescue

The CD features "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow on steel guitar. Pete certainly shines on the track "You've Got That Look In Your Eyes" which was co-written by Forrest Rosaire and Lonnie DeAraujo, who recorded with Jim Dickson and Chris Hillman back in the mid 1980's.
The band's website is at . You can order the CD from there, and there are some nice recent pictures of Pete in the studio with the band, MP3's of some of the tunes and some background information on the musicians who worked on the project.

Singer-songwriter PAMELA RICHARDSON (a member of the Gene Clark List at Yahoo! Groups) has a CD out 

that is strongly recommended by Byrds Flyght. It is called SPAGHETTI MIDWESTERN.  

Pam now has her own webpages up at

You can ask for details or purchase the CD by writing to Pam at


Pam's next CD will be released soon and will include her version of Gene Clark's ONE IN A HUNDRED

as well as her own tribute song to Gene Clark called TIPTON'S VEIN OF SILVER.

If you like The Byrds sound (and we know you do if you are visiting this page !), you'll probably

like MARKUS HOLLER's latest CD and the vinyl LP he made with his band SILENT BLUE.

Both albums came out on Markus's own SUGARBUSH label.

You can see details of both albums and order the items by going to Markus's web pages at

DIFFERENT FACES new CD now available

The Different Faces  new CD has been released

 It contains 12 new songs including a cover version of Chris Hillman's "Have you seen her Face".

Songs list :

Signature (Schmidt)
Colours changing through the night
Forever free
Every word means a lot
Last farewell kiss
Howling Wolf
Sweetest girl in town
Have you seen her face
Trucker Dave
Miss you when you're gone
Why (I can hear the angels sing)
Road of Dreams


People living in the USA (or on the American continent) who don't like to order from Europe, can order the CD directly from an address in the USA (see the DIFFERENT FACES website for details)

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