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The Flying Burrito Brothers

 at the Country Corner in Frankfurt / Eschborn ( Germany )

October 23rd, 1985

 Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Greg Harris, Jim Goodall 


A review by Thomas Kuhn  

Was it really 20 years ago? I can hardly believe it. When I looked for this old cassette tape and the old photos a friend gave me shortly after that concert, my first thoughts went to ex-Byrd Skip Battin who passed away in 2003.  

I remember that concert quite well. The small club the Burritos were playing that night was a country club that always had a mixed audience of US army soldiers and German guests. I had been to this place a few times before but never liked it that much.  

This night was different. The first thing I noticed when entering the place was a lot of rented Peavey amplifiers and various instruments on the small stage. There it was! Sneaky Pete’s old Fender Pedal-Steel, Greg Harris’s late 60s gold flake Fender Telecaster with a Parsons-White String Bender, and against an amplifier, the trusty old mid 50s Fender Precision bass Skip had played throughout his whole career with the Byrds.  


The Flying Burrito Brothers was a band that featured many players and lineups. Skip Battin and Sneaky Pete were the most famous two this evening. They performed a professional show (two sets). Greg Harris was playing fiddle, electric guitar, five–string banjo and was singing really good too. The sound was real loud for that small place (especially the drums). The audience was a little reserved throughout the first set. But during the second set, the audience was won . They played some Byrds songs too. The ones I remember were their versions of "Buglar" from the Byrds’ Father Along album (originally sung by Clarence White) and "Ballad of Easy Rider" on which Greg and Skip both shared vocals.  

The concert made a great impression on me. I had the chance to talk to the musicians before they played. But I was quite young then and in total awe of them, so I merely managed to get some autographs which you can see pictured on this page. I still remember when we walked out after that show on a cold October night. My head was full of swirling pedal steel guitar sound and of Greg’s hoarse voice, and the friendly relaxed talk I had with Skip. Rest in peace… Farther Along…


Set list:  

Streets Of Baltimore

Cash On the Barrelhead

Help Is On Its Way

Star Of The Show

Devil In Disguise

Take A City Bride

China Moon

Mr. Spaceman

How Mountain Girls Can Love

Come A Little Closer

Six Days On The Road

It Makes No Difference

Uncle Pen

Satan´s Jewel Crown

Swing Song (?)


Louisiana Man

Keep On Loving You

You Ain´t Going Nowhere

Hot Burrito

Ballad Of Easy Rider

Mystery Train  

Thomas Kuhn, April 10th, 2005

Many Thanks to Thomas Kuhn for the review, the pics and the set list