The CRY Story


by Mike Masterson



In late 2001, following the release, in certain European countries, of a series of albums containing material credited to the Byrds, I was asked by Chrissie Oakes, editor of the Byrds fanzine ‘Full Circle’, to write an article for the magazine about these albums which actually contained previously unreleased Gene Clark recordings from the mid 1980s.

Unfortunately, due to the demise of ‘Full Circle’ around the time I completed the article, it remained unpublished and was largely forgotten on a floppy disc. However, my interest was rekindled following numerous postings about these recordings on the Gene Clark Yahoo Group, with the result that Raoul kindly offered to publish the article on his ‘Byrds Flyght’ site.

So after searching through a number of unlabelled floppy discs, I finally located the article, updated it, and here it is. I wouldn’t be pretentious enough to suggest 100% accuracy, although the article is the result of many hours listening to all the available recordings, but I would welcome any further information, corrections or additions at


Over the past couple of years, a number of CD releases wrongly credited to the Byrds appeared, mainly in Germany & Austria, which although obviously not by the band, contained some very interesting material, and even if the legality of these releases was questionable, all were freely available in record stores in the above countries.

The major significance of these albums is that they heavily feature material recorded in what is now commonly referred to as the ‘CRY’ period of the mid 1980’s when Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and John York (along with Nicky Hopkins) wrote and recorded a wealth of songs which still officially remain unreleased. Outside of the CRY project, Gene & Pat also recorded many tracks together during and after this period and material from both sources appear to form the basis of these CD releases.

The versions presented on these CDs are not as originally recorded but have been overdubbed with new backing tracks, presumably by Pat Robinson, to update the sound, although the original vocal tracks and music arrangements were used. 

However, even this is not the complete story, because careful listening to all the versions presented on these albums reveal several differences between them on a number of songs, so this article is an attempt to detail all the available material of this period.

(NOTE: All of these albums also contain re-issues of the ‘fake’ Byrds recordings that surfaced a few years ago and enough has been written about these in the past, so I have totally ignored their inclusion in this article)  

The albums under review are:  

A) ‘Mr Tambourine Man’  EuroTrend 152.435

‘Alternative Takes’  Laserlight  21 579

Released late 1999 / early 2000

(Both albums identical except for a slightly different running order)  

B) ‘It's All In Your Eyes’  Pop Stars PS 95620  Released 2000

C)  ‘Most Famous Hits’  Surprise 95331 / 2 (2 CD Set) Released 2001

(Note: The timings for each track are mine rather than those printed on the CD sleeves, Album C does not contain timings or composer credits. During the text, several references are made to John Rogan’s ‘Timeless Flight Revisited’ which I have abbreviated to ‘TFR’.)  



(NOTE: All lead vocals are by Gene Clark unless otherwise noted)

As If We Didn’t Know (Robinson)   A / 5.00, C / 5.00  

Pat Robinson vocal. Both versions identical.

Boyfriends, Girlfriends (Clark, Robinson) A / 3.42, B / 4.18, C / 3.42  

Pat Robinson vocal. The only song on all three albums but in two different versions.

The shorter version features horns (synthesised ?) but with a slightly longer fade out whilst the longer version is guitar based with no horns but has an added guitar solo of almost a minute in the middle of the song to compensate for the shorter fade and increase the overall playing time.

Carry On (Clark, Robinson) B / 5.44, C / 5.44  

Identical versions of this song first performed in live shows by the Byrds Tribute in 1986.

Dangerous Games (Clark, Robinson) A / 6.26, C /  6.08  

The second version is slightly shorter with the instrumental intro and middle solo edited by about 9 secs each.

Dragon’s Eye (Clark, Robinson) A / 5.14, C / 5.14  

Both versions identical.

Fair Game  (Uncredited on CD) C / 4.08  

Pat Robinson vocal, one version only.  Credited in TFR to Clark, Robinson, Hopkins.

It’s All In Your Eyes (Robinson) B / 3.39  

Pat Robinson vocal.  This song pre-dates the CRY period because it appeared with a very similar arrangement on the self-titled 1982 LP by Rocky Burnette. Only one version which is almost certainly a Pat Robinson solo recording.

Love’s A Loaded Word (Clark, Robinson. Hopkins )  A / 3.16, C / 3.16  

Pat Robinson vocal and both versions identical, I remain undecided whether Gene sings some of the harmony vocals on this cut.

Love DeLuxe (Clark, Robinson) B / 3.19, C / 3.19  

Pat Robinson vocal with no aural evidence that Gene Clark appears on the song even though he is credited as a writer. The 2 versions are different with (B) being more electric and (C) more acoustic and with the addition of synthesised horns although both lead vocal tacks sound the same

Mary Sue (Clark, Robinson, York) B / 4.44,  C / 3.24  

With the intro shortened by 8 secs and the second chorus being edited out, the running time of the shorter version is reduced by around 80 secs. Another song introduced live in 1986 by the ‘Byrds Tribute’.

My Marie (Clark, Robinson)  A / 6.07, C /  4.08  

The second version has been significantly edited, by around 2 mins with the 4th (Angry sons....) & 5th (Here we meet...) verses, 2 choruses and the instrumental break are all missing before the track ends with the 6th verse (Mirror of the.....)  & chorus, which results in both versions having definite musical endings rather than fade-outs.

Next Time Around (Robinson) B / 3.37, C /  3.56  

Pat Robinson vocal. The second version is by far the best being much fuller in sound with added acoustic guitars and additonal electric guitar during the middle section with an extra 19 secs fade out. Probably a Pat Robinson solo recording.

One More Two Time (Uncredited on CD) C  / 3.50  

Pat Robinson vocal and assumed to be written by him. Another Pat Robinson solo recording.

Prisoners Of  Time (Robinson) A / 3.59, C /  3.19  

Pat Robinson vocal, TFR lists as written by Clark, Robinson. No obvious vocal contribution from Gene. The later version is around 40 secs shorter with edits on the instrumental intro, middle & fade out sections.

Quicksand (Clark, Robinson)  A / 3.32, C / 3.32  

Pat Robinson vocal with no aural evidence Gene Clark appears on this track he co-wrote. Identical versions. According to TFR written by Clark, Robinson, Karlyle.

Reconsider Me (Uncredited on CD)  C / 4.42  

Pat Robinson vocal and probably written by Robinson. One version only and again probably a  Robinson solo recording.

Slip Away (Robinson)  A / 3.21, C /  3.21  

Pat Robinson vocal.  Listed in TFR as written by Clark, Robinson but again no aural evidence Gene appears. Both versions identical.

Tell It Like It Is ( Davis , Diamond)  A / 5.23, C / 5.23,  

The first of two cover versions having been a hit for Aaron Neville in the 60’s, and both versions are the same.

The Panther (Clark, Robinson)  A / 4.46,  C / 4.46  

Both versions identical.

United Or Divided (Uncredited on CD)  C / 2.42  

Pat Robinson vocal and assumed to be written by Robinson. One version only and another Pat Robinson solo recording.

Washington Square (Clark, Robinson)  A / 4.18, C / 3.50  

The second version is almost 30 secs shorter with the intro 8 secs shorter and 2 lines of lyric ‘I sit here all alone, Wondering when they will come’ edited out all together.

Where Does The Love Go (Clark, Robinson, Hopkins)  B / 4.50, C /  4.35  

Pat Robinson vocal and no indication that Gene is on this track although credited as a writer.

The two versions have substantially different backing tracks although the same vocal tracks have been used. The later version has a much gentler feel about it and is about 15 seconds shorter, mostly from the intro where Pat’s ‘hummed’ vocal is missing.

You Better Move On (Alexander)  A / 3.38, C / 3.38  

The second cover version - a hit for the writer Arthur Alexander in the early 60’s with both versions being the same. Wrongly credited in TFR to Clark & Robinson.

You Just Love Cocaine ( York ) B / 4.10, C / 4.10  

John York vocal but Gene definitely sings harmony vocals on this song first performed regularly in concert by the ‘Byrds Tribute Band’ in 1986. Identical versions .

To simply summarise the above means that to have all the variant versions of the material you need to own all of three albums available.



After my review of the three European albums and for completeness, I attempted to detail all the other songs / alternate versions from this period not officially released but in circulation amongst collectors. (Note: Since the original article was written, some of the songs mentioned have been officially released on ‘Under The Silvery Moon’ – see below)

Several of the songs on the above albums are available with their original backing tracks and are obviously the recordings, particularly the vocals, used for the later updated overdubbed versions on the European CDs.

Carry On  4.50

Dangerous Games  6.02

Mary Sue 4.42

My Marie  5.33

All these 4 songs are studio recordings with mainly guitar, synthesiser and drums (drum machine ?) backing tracks although Gene’s harmonica is evident at the end of My Marie. The musical arrangements for these songs are largely unaltered on the overdubbed versions.

Tell It Like It Is 5.23

A very basic demo with just Gene’s vocal and simple guitar backing but certainly this is the basic track used for the overdubbed version.

In addition to the songs discussed above, several more of the ‘CRY’ period recordings have surfaced, albeit in their original undubbed state and in less than perfect audio quality.

After The Storm (Clark, Robinson, York) 4.52

I Need To Fly  (Clark, Robinson. York ) 3.33

Sleep Will Return (Clark Robinson, York) 3.24

Somewhere After Midnight  (Clark, Robinson, York) 4.33

Mary Sue 5.16

All five songs are group demos with guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and backing vocals.

The version of Mary Sue appears to be different from the source recording used on the European CDs and ‘Under The Silvery Moon’  In January 2000, Carla Olson recorded ‘After The Storm’ included on the Gene Clark Tribute album ‘Full Circle’.

Further songs that are also probably date from this period include :

Pickpocket  (Robinson)  3.12

A Pat Robinson solo recording having a similar sound and arrangement to a lot of the songs on the CDs

Look Who’s Missing Who (Clark, Robinson, Arias) 3.23  

There is a full studio version of ‘Look Who’s Missing Who’ by Gene Clark in circulation recorded at the 1990 sessions produced by John Arias & Pat Robinson (see pages 500 - 501 of TFR - Revised  Second Edition from 1998) and John Arias probably gets his co-write credit for contributing to the arrangement & production of the track. A simple solo acoustic demo sung by Pat Robinson is also in circulation.

3 further songs also come from these 1990 sessions :

‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore’ (Not Known) 5.45

Shades Of Blue’  (Thomas Jefferson Kaye)

‘Mary Sue’ 4.57

Mary Sue sounds like a completely different version. ‘Shades Of Blue’ regularly performed live by Gene during the mid 80’s. Also circulate as acoustic demos sung by Gene .

Christine (Clark, Robinson, York)  

One further song from this period, reportedly cut in the studio and remains unreleased although it was performed regularly by the Tribute Byrds in 1986 and later was covered by the Mop Tops for the ‘Full Circle’ set.

However, what might be not so well known is that John York recorded a version with Skip Battin during their tour of Italy in November / December 1988 on what was to become known as the ‘Vigliano Sessions.’ The 10 songs recorded including ‘Christine’ were eventually released some 13 years later on the Italian based Folkest-Dischi label with the album title ‘Family Tree – featuring ex Byrds Skip Battin & John York

TFR lists around a further 20 songs written by Clark & Robinson (some with other co-writers) of which only three circulate

You And I (Clark, Robinson)  

On tape as a studio demo for Bug Music in 1984

On The Run (With A Loaded Gun) (Clark, Robinson, Slocum)  

Performed live by Gene in 1989 at the Old Vienna Kaffe Haus, Westboro.

Once In A Lifetime (Clark, Robinson)  

Recorded by Pat Robinson & John York for their album ‘After The Storm’ – see below.


Gene also recorded the Pat Robinson & Dick Holler song ‘Jokers Are Wild’  which had a 1990 UK release on the Textones CD ‘Back In Time’ (Demon Fiend CD179) and has Pat on backing vocals.

A demo of this song is included on the 2CD version of ‘Under The Silvery Moon’.

In 2001, just as I was about to submit this article, news filtered out that more recordings from this period were about to be released in the UK on a 2CD set titled ‘ Gene Clark - Under A Silvery Moon’ by Delta Music (coincidentally Laserlight who released one of the European CDs is one of their labels). However, a subsequent announcement by Gene’s ex manager Saul Davis stated the release was illegal, not approved by Gene Clark’s estate and had been stopped. But by that time the CDs had been pressed and many copies had filtered out into the public domain and some were selling for very high prices on internet sites such as ebay.  

Even though never officially released it is now quite easy to obtain either as an original pressing or more commonly as a CDR copy, so I have included the track-listing of the album and my thoughts as to the source of the material.

Mary Sue * / Carry On* / You Just Love Cocaine* / Don’t You Know (Worth) **/ Dancing On The Moon (Clark, Manelli, Robinson) ** / Nothing But An Angel (Clark, Robinson, Arias)*** / More Than That Now  (Clark, Robinson, Arias) ***/ Liona  (Clark, Robinson)** / Washington Square* / My Marie* / With You I Can’t Lose (Clark, Robinson)**  / Fair & Tender Ladies (Trad arr. By Clark) / Sleep Will Return** / Immigrant Girl (Clark, Robinson)** / Dangerous Games * / Rest Of Your Life (Clark, Robinson) ** / You Better Move On  * / Deportee (Guthrie) / Almost Saturday Night (Fogerty) / Jokers Are Wild (Robinson, Holler) / The Panther * / Gypsy Rider (Gene Clark) / Del Gato (Gene & Rick Clark) / You Better Move On ( 2nd Version) ** / The Hurting Game (Clark, Robinson)** / That Part Of You (Clark, Robinson) **  / Dragon’s Eye * / Can’t Say No (Clark, Robinson)** / Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Goffin, King)**

So in an attempt to unravel the sources, I believe all the songs shown (*) are the original unreleased and undubbed CRY / Clark - Robinson period recordings, and are the ones which were later overdubbed with the new backings and included on the European CDs. The only missing song included on the European CDs is ‘Tell It Like It Is’ which circulates as a simple solo demo by Gene and was subsequently overdubbed for inclusion on these releases.

Those show (**) are further undubbed CRY / Clark - Robinson period recordings, some of which were officially released on the single CD version of ‘Under A Silvery Moon’.

The version of ‘You Just Love Cocaine’ is much longer (4.54) than the one on the European CD which is only 4.10.

Those shown (***) are probably from the 1989 / 90 sessions at Barbra Streisand’s studio because according to John Rogan both Nothing But An Angel & More Than That Now were co-written by John Arias who along with Robinson acted as producers at these sessions. Strangely, Arias is credited as co-writer on the 2 CD set but not on the single CD release.

The remaining tracks I assume are the demos / rehearsals for the ‘So Rebellious A Lover’ duet album with Carla Olson.

It’s interesting that of the 5 original undubbed CRY songs in circulation not on the ‘Byrds’ releases, only ‘Sleep Will Return’ is included leaving the other 4 still in the vaults. In addition to these 4 songs, there are others credited by John Rogan from the CRY / Clark - Robinson period, a number of which still have still to see the light of day, but maybe they have Robinson vocals rather than Gene’s.

However, in 2003, an agreement was reached between Gene’s Estate and Delta Music to release some of the songs from the aborted 2 CD set, and what  finally emerged was a 14 track single CD version of ‘Under The Silvery Moon’ containing the following tracks :

Mary Sue / Carry On / Don’t You Know / Nothing But An Angel / More Than That Now / Sleep Will Return / Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Immigrant Girl / Rest Of Your Life / My Marie / Fair And Tender Ladies / Can’t Say No / Dangerous Games / You Just Love Cocaine

Many of the tracks were remixed / equalized to improve the overall sound quality, although in my opinion had a detrimental effect on ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ which sounds far better on the cancelled 2 CD set. But from past history, it would be of no great surprise that sometime in the future the remaining 15 ‘unreleased’ tracks from the 2 CD ‘Under The Silvery Moon’ do eventually secure a full and legitimate release.



During the 90’s it had been reported that Pat Robinson, John York & Carla Olson were to record an album again using the acronym CRY (with the C now Carla instead of Clark ), but after these initial reports, nothing more was heard and the project seemed to have been aborted.

However around the same time as the ‘Silvery Moon’ saga was happening, Coyote Records in the US released a CDR only album titled ‘CRY – After The Storm’ featuring complete re-recordings by Pat Robinson & John York of twelve songs from the period after Carla dropped out somewhere along the line.

The songs are :

My Marie / On The Run (Clark, Robinson) / After The Storm / The Hurting Game /  A Rose Is A Rose (York, Robinson) / Once In A Lifetime (Clark, Robinson) / I Need To Fly / Mary Sue / Immigrant Girl / Sleep Will Return / Somewhere After Midnight / Washington Square

(Note - Songwriter credits as above unless shown)

Obviously, apart from the songwriting credits, Gene is not involved in this project which has couple of songs from the period being heard for the first time. One other ‘On The Run’ is the same song performed live by Gene in 1989 as ‘On The Run (With A Loaded Gun)’ but this is the first studio version to surface, although this version credits Clark & Robinson as writers with no mention of Tom Slocum listed in TFR.

Overall it’s an album I would recommend and it’s great to sit back, put on the headphones and imagine Gene singing the songs particularly ‘Once In A Lifetime’ which aptly sums up what Gene means to his many loyal fans.


As I mentioned in the introduction, this is merely an attempt to unravel the history behind this period of Gene Clark’s recording career, but I hope it goes someway to understanding the story behind these recordings. Perhaps the upcoming biography of Gene Clark will reveal the full story of this very interesting and prolific period in Gene’s career and, hopefully, all the material, both the originals and overdubbed recordings, will eventually be released officially.

The end of the story but judging from past history I don’t think so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Masterson

January 7th 2005

Special thanks to

Chrissie Oakes – for the much missed ‘ Full Circle ’ and the idea for the article

Thomas Aubrunner in Vienna – for obtaining copies of the European CD’s

Raoul Verolleman – for his offer to publish the article on Byrds Flyght

P & C  Mike Masterson 2005

UPDATE March 26, 2007

There is a series of 5 CD's until the general title 'Rock Masters' - The Byrds'  on sale @ itunes containing the Gene Clark - Part Robinson / CRY / Bogus Byrd material with some new titles added - almost certainly Pat Robinson solo songs. Here are the CD details:
1) Carry On


Cocaine / Carry On / Dancing On The Moon / Hang Tough / When You Lose Someone / Looking For Reasons / Muscle & Bone / Never Shoulda Love You 

United or Divided / It's all In Your Eyes / Reconsider Me / True Blue
2) Tell It Like It Is


Quicksand / Tell It Like It Is / Panther / Dragon's Eye / Slip Away /  Dangerous Games / My Marie / Washington Square / Prisoners Of Time /You Better Move On
One More Two Time
3) Hold On Love


Hold On Love / Love's A Loaded Word /Boyfriend Girlfriend/ Bulletproof Heart / Liona / Next Time Around / Fair Game / More Than That You Know / Nothing But An Angel
The Only Chance To Take / Where Did The Love Go / Love Deluxe
4) Unreleased - Original Recordings


Loves A Loaded Word / Boyfriend Girlfriend /Cocaine / Carry On / Never Shoulda Love You / United or Divided / It's all In Your Eyes / Reconsider Me /  Where Did The Love Go / Next Time around / Fair Game / Mary Sue / Love Deluxe
5) Turn Turn Turn - (only 4 tracks)


Mr Tambourine Man / Mr Spaceman / All I Really Want To Do / Turn Turn Turn
(These are 'real'' original Byrds recordings)
The songs in red font are new to me and one of the new songs 'Never Shoulda Love You' is on a couple of the albums - from past experience maybe slightly different versions.

All the songs are available to buy as separate songs or full albums.

Update December 2, 2008: Pat Robinson confirmed yesterday that he wrote these new titles alone, except for Never Shoulda Love You which was co-written by Rocky Burnette

UPDATE October 15, 2008

A « new » Gene Clark CD was released on iTunes (Sept 2, 2008), called « Will You still Love Me Tomorrow ».

It has 14 tunes. Nothing new, they simply took the 14 tracks from the official 'Under The Silvery Moon' single CD, changed the running order and gave it another name.


UPDATE December 2, 2008

Some tracks have been re-released on yet another CD, titled EIGHT MILES HIGH - THE GREATEST HITS OF THE BYRDS. There are tracks by the fake BYRDS and tracks from the CRY sessions.

Turn, Turn, Turn / Eight Miles High / Boyfriends, Girlfriends / Mr Tambourine Man / Quicksand / Tell It Like It Is / All I Really Want To Do / Love's A Loaded Word / The Panther / You Better Move On / As If We Didn't Know / Dragon's Eye / My Marie / Dangerous Games / Prisoner Of Time / Washington Square / Slip Away

Titles in GREEN are from the CRY sessions.

UPDATE March 6, 2009

Some tracks have been re-released in 2007 on a Pat Robinson compilation CD + DVD called "4 Decades Of Songwriting".

The front cover has a drawing of John York and Pat Robinson that was also used for the York-Robinson CRY re-recordings CD.

My Marie (CRY) (from the Robinson-York re-recordings) - Mary Sue (The "Byrds" - Gene Clark vocals) - Carry On (The "Byrds" - Gene Clark vocals)

UPDATE January 8, 2010

In 1998, a triple CD was released in Japan, containing most of the CRY recordings. It was called MEMORIES HANGING AROUND.

CD 1: Studio Sessions 1989-1990

Tracks: I Don't Wanna See You Anymore, Look Who's Missing Who, Mary Sue, Shades Of Blue, I Don't Wanna See You Anymore, Tell It Like It Is, Dangerous Games, My Marie, Carry On, Look Who's Missing Who, Shades Of Blue, Pickpocket, Mary Sue


Tracks: You Just Love Cocaine, Carry On, Where Does The Love Go, Fair Game, Mary Sue, Love Deluxe, I Need To Fly, After The Storm, Mary Sue, Sleep Will Return, Somewhere After Midnight, No Memories Hanging Around


Tracks: Love's A Loaded Word, Boyfriends-Girlfriends, Quicksand, Tell It Like It Is, As If We Didn't Know, The Panther, Dragon's Eye, Slip Away, Dangerous Games, My Marie, Washington Square, Prisoner Of Time, You Better Move On


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