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  • Print the complete check-lists document on regular paper. You can print double sided or if you want better opacity, print only one side and place sheets back to back. Print on regular format A4 or letter in the US. Center the checklist on the page
  • Cut each page to an A5 format or according to your prefered format, you will then have a number of equally sized pages.
  • Laminate each page and take care to keep a margin where you will punch the binder holes.
  • Bind the pages together with 2 aviation rings so that you have a small booklet - for the Lomac checklists, you might consider binding them (and adapting the format) to the Lomac enhanced manual. (4 binders)
  • With that way, new pages can be inserted easily when they become available - even if usually I redo the complete volume when something has to change, but you could print and laminate only the relevant page.

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Last updated: 20.04.2016
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