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The philosophy behind the check-lists is game-minded. It means that what we don't need in the game, doesn't appear in the check-lists!

As exciting a real check-list can be it's full of items that we don't need and they can only slow the user to get to the really needed item in case of emergency. On the other hand, there are items that we need in flight simulation that are not required in a real situation. A checklists volume is created according to the airplane and its cockpit and its capabilities as well as the game features. Usually, I try to keep the same format and the same sequence but some items may be removed or added according to the aircraft.
The main F-16 checklist volume is as close to the reality as possible. I created two other volumes for the F-16 that wouldn't be considered "real" checklists because a pilot is supposed to master these functions. They are the weapon checklists and the avionic checklists.
Still I created them for newbies or to serve as a quick reference volume for more experienced simmers.

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Last updated: 20.04.16
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