We all know Lomac is much less avionic wise than Falcon. Still I like the sim a lot and I thought is was worth doing some check-lists for.
The check-lists are not as close to the real thing as for the F4 check-lists. But they might help pilots to get started with the simulator and learning each aircraft.
Since flying with Flanker 1.0, I had problems with the russian designation, but I couldn't resign to use the english displays and voices. So russian translation and phonetic pronounciation takes an important part of the check-lists. Thanks for Sebastien "Booga" Benoit from the french community for helping me a lot with that.

Each flyable aircraft (SU25, SU27, SU33, Migs-29, F15, A10) will have his own check-list volume. Two annexes will also be available one for Nato and one for Russian aircraft. These annexes share the common things to know for each side of the coalition.
The final volume for Lomac should be a navigation volume with information about Crimean runways and some maps if possible.

The main source for the Lomac checklists is the Flanker 1.0 and 2.0 manual which is much more complete than all the available documentation for Lomac! If you still have it, read it it has a lot of useful information for the russian aircraft.

The format used should allow the lucky guys amongst you who have the enhanced Lomac manual to insert the check-lists in the black leather binder - just make the holes yourself.

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The check-lists are a ongoing project.
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