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With BMS realeased i will concentrate exclusively on keeping the checklists and charts updated with BMS newest versions. I will only support complete third party terrain that i feel are advanced enough to have a complete suite of navigation charts and interactive maps. At this time I will concentrate on default Korea, EMF and ITO. These last two terrain are IMHO the most advanced terrain for BMS.
Amongst other things i will also work on the following:

  • Update the BMS weapon checklists (latest rev BMS 4.33)
  • Update all the BMS checklists (latest rev BMS 4.33)
  • Maintain the dash 1 up to date with BMS development (latest rev BMS 4.33)
  • Continue and maintain the BMS charts for Korea, EMF & ITO
  • Maintain the Interactive maps for Korea, EMF and ITO

So if you wish to help or if you wish to have your checklists work hosted here, please contact me

Many people deserve credit for the checklists. I hope to have given my thanks to everyone - if you feel you have been forgotten, let me know.

  • My fellow ViperDrivers who actually took the time to send comments while testing BMS to make all the checklists and charts better.
  • Tom "T-Rex" Perkins for his valuable feedback, Martin "Terrapin" Gerner, Stephen 'HotDogOne" French for the OG: APG68 and amraams and his valuable feedback, Wayne Timmins for the OG lantirn. Skyfire for the Cate program and Snakeman for his valuable CATE maps who made the kneemaps possible, Aeyes for his help on the A-10 and F-15 project, Meangreeny for his suggestion of a rampstart only checklist. Jaillie for his help on the navigation charts.
  • Special Thanks also to Dimitri Verdoodt who created the drawings used in the checklists. Some of his drawings are available for sale. Don't hesitate to contact him
  • Thanks also to the dedicated test team for the ODS kneemap. Without you, I'd still be doing the airbase latitudes and longitudes and tacan data.
    Bo "Fireball" Boschung for his great help on Iraq and Iran. Greg "DryLouvre" Salt for Syria. Paul "Alicatt" Alistair for Egypt. Graham Harper for israel. Kraig Mitchell for Lebanon and Cyprus. Jack "Swampy" Crook for Iran. Jonathan "Falcon1" Drucker for Jordan
  • Finally thanks to all of you who sent feedback and comments and of course to the members of the F4 groups that answered my never ending questions about their work ;)

There has been some confusion in the version numbers of the checklists. Here is a small word that I hope will clear the matter:

Rev are 4 digits. First two are the year and last two are the months when the version was last updated
So latest version is 1509 means they date back from September 2015. Emergency volume is still 0612 (December 2006)

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