Our itinerary

The pictures in this section have been taken in Kosovo, when Pascal Martin (Le Soir) and I spent one week there to better understand the situation of schools in that region. 

Our itinerary :

8 Decembre
Bruxelles - Skopje (Macedonia)  with a C-130 of the Belgian Army.

Bllacė - Pristina - Mitrovica in a military vehicule; we spend the first night in a (non-heated) unccupied commercial building (formerly a bank), occupied at that time by the French and Belgian occupation troups.

9 Decembre
Mitrovica - Cabra again with a military vehicle. Cdt Declercq, whom we had met in Skopje, takes us to different places in Mitrovica and to the village of Cabra.

Leposavic - Leshak - Belobrdė : in a jeep, with Belgian militaries stationned in Leposavic. We spend the night in a little Serb hotel, in the middle of the forest, a few miles off the border with Serbia.

10 Decembre
Leposavic - Pristina. Now we leave our military friends, and find a hotel room in Pristina. We hire a driver (Idris), who will accompany us in the rest of our trip troughout Kosovo.
11 Decembre
Pristina - Malishevo - Gjakova : on our way to Gjakova, where we want to meet a Belgian team of the Caritas NGO. They are in charge of an important school reconstruction program in that region. We visit with them the Mustafa Bakija school, where we spent quite a bit of time with teachers and students.

Junik : with Marc-André, the leader of the Caritas team, we go to that little mountain village close to the Albanian border, where a school is currently in reconstruction phase. No hotel in Gjakova : we spend the night in the house occupied by Caritas, sleeping on the ground in an office. Not a lot of comfort, but the evening spent with the team is one of our best memories.

12 Decembre
Gjakova - Peja : we move to Peja, where Philippe, another Belgian, is a member of the UNMIK team managed by Bernard Koeshner. 

Gllareve : now is the time to find out more about the "little girl with the red sweater". We find the Gllareve village; we have taken with us the pictures taken there in July, and we show them to a few children in the village. One of them knows Shqipe, and takes us to her parents' house. Deep emotional moment.

13 Decembre
Pristina - Prizren - Dragash : trip to the southernmost part of Kosovo, just on the Albanian border. On our way to Dragash, we meet Russian soldiers, who are part of KFOR, like many other countries.
14 Decembre
Pristina - Ferizaj - Tetovė - Skopje : Already our last day in Kosovo. We want to avoid waiting for hours to cross the Macedonian border, so another driver, recommended to us by Idris, shows us a little country road that goes to Macedonia through the Mountains. We cross the border by foot, but without problems.
15 Decembre
Skopje - Eindhoven - Bruxelles : annoying surprise in the military airport : the Belgian plane which we had hoped to use to get back to our country did not arrive from Brussels. Staying in Skopje for a few more nights is not a very tempting alternative. Fortunately, we notice a small Fokker plane of the Dutch army, that is just about to leave empty. After some discussion, the pilot accepts to take us aboard and he drops us in Eindhoven (Holland). We get back to Brussels late at night.