….The paste is sumptuous, the glazes allow through the slightest veil or muslin effect and when the choice of colours turns steadfastly lunar, it is a symphony of tones of drawn, the first light breaking before the coming of the sun.

….Bellor, a painter who has enshrined his name among the greatest artists of our century. (A.L)

…His works are numbered, but outstanding. His career is marked by masterly paintings that linger in memory and elicit admiration.

….An accomplished painter, he works slowly, with great care. He does not produce more than eight paintings a year. His works are meticulous, well thought out, haunted by a secret magic.

….A strange complicity is forged between the viewer and creator of illusion, not without alarm nor, fortunately, without pleasure. But you can rest assured that this art is not at all peace and quiet.

….But it is above all a great painter, with respect for his craft, fastidious about doing things properly, obsessed with perfection; whose rare work is bound to be studied, and whose name undoubtedly belongs alongside the greatest. (St.Rey)

….For simple art lovers, struck dumb by the prices that the artist’s work fetch, we will only point to the aristocratic quality of an art that stands completely out of the ordinary and evokes the most strange, the most ambiguous of shows. If there is one art that is ill suited for the street, it is that of Bellor, whose unusual and disquieting characters belong to this “elitism” of thought and the fine vocation that gets gnashing the teeth of those who pretend to scorn caviar.

….Let us focus on the work of this magician who has turned to painting, who jealously guards his secrets, who puts the finishing touches to his paintings, with a perfectionism that grazes exactingness not devoid of cruelty.

….such canvases belong to the grand tradition of painting of all times and are characterised by a signed that could be the stamp of Evil One. Because the latter tends to appear more with discretion than with a din. (S.R)

….Add to this that Bellor is also an unrivalled craftsman, with a drawing to leave you breathless, with foolproof patience before his easel, when time does not matter. He owes them his colours, even more mysterious than his compositions. Bellor: top quality work! (R.L)