Born in Arlon 30 july 1911, died in Brussels 13 February 2000.

Exhibitions :

1934 Exhibition of the Luxembourg/painters/Arlon
1941 Gallery Isy Brachot
1945 Gallery Nova/Brussels
1949 Bellor created the costumes of cabaret "Boeuf sur le Toit"
1966 Gallery de Berry/Paris
1967 Gallery Lecomte Ullman/Paris
1968 Gallery des Beaux Arts/Paris
1969 Gallery Maine Montparnasse/Paris
1975 Gallery Les Eperonniers/Brussels
1976 Retrospect /Mouscron
1978-79 Gallery Paul Ide/Brussels
1979 Gallery Jan De Maere/Brussels
1981 Caino of Knokke
Castel of Burdinne
1982 Gallery Jan De Maere/Brussels
1983 Artemis Gallery/St.Martens-Latem
Gallery Aelbrect/Rotterdam
Casino of Knokke
FIAC 83/Paris-Grand Palais
8th Exhibition of actuel Art/Fine Art/Brussels
2000 LINEART 2000
2001 Participation at the Salon of Ghent
Homage to Bellor in Eurantica - Brussel

2002 ARTE.ON Gallery KNOKKE

2003 The international jury of the Biennale of Florence has selected paintings of BELLOR to be represented in their next Biennale from 6 to 14 december 2003..

Bibliography :

Arto (dictionnary of belgian artists since 1830)
Dictionnary of belgian artists in three volumes
Book on the MILLENIUM of Brussels
Art in Belgium from Paul PIRON
"Deux siècles de signatures d'artistes de Belgique" by Paul PIRON


This artist, who died at the age of 89, called himself a "realist fantastique" not a surrealist,
A category in which the public has a tendancy of putting him.
This exceptional painter, with his qualities as designer and colorist, worked all his life in the secrecy of his workroom. His sole companions were all the great artists of the past whom he visited constantly in all the European museums and who helped him to gain his deep knowledge of art.

Bellor stopped exhibiting since about twenty years, in which period the critics hailed him as being part of the greatest painters of the 20th century.
He left a limited amount of works of art of considerable artistic interest.