Pluto XXIX-23

Born on the 5th of august 1989 in Szilvasvarad, Hungary

withers : 158 cm

Pluto XXIX-23 came to Belgium when she was 3 years old. Then trained for carriage-driving like most horses from Szilvasvarad. 2 years after all the 4 horses from her carriage-team were sold separately.

"Guernica" as we call her, is also an exellent ridinghorse and a wonderfull mother and breeding mare.

In 1998, she was covered by Favory Bianca I
and on the 13th of April 1999,
she gave birth to an exellent colt Favory Pluto I.

You will find all the 6 stallion-lines on her pedigree , going back to the most classical Szilvasvarad-lines. So, there is no risk for inbreed.



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