Favory Bianca I

Born on the 5th of june, 1987    withers : 157 cm

A characterful and barok stallion who has great fluent gaits and moves incredibly gracefully.

His pedigree goes back to the classical lines from Lipica and Piber.

We got him as a 2-year old. Now he does his lateral-work easily, changes in canter, passage and the "spanish walk". Working him on the long reins is also a part of his training.



1st International Lipizzan Championship

in Aachen, Germany 1997


  • Dr. Peeters (NL)
  • Dr. Schroeder (A)
  • Mr. Marini (CH)

Best in show

gaits : 10 - type : 9






European Champion 1997







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2nd International Lipizzan Championship

in Mondsee, Austria 1999

Best Stallion +12 years old




"Favo" and the Mare's

FAVORY BIANCA I is selected as a breedingstallion.

His foals in Belgium and abroad are the result of a natural cover or an artificial insemination with frozen semen.

  • Natural cover : 20.000 bef
  • Frozen semen : 25.000 bef + transport costs
  • There are boxes for visiting mare's

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