A very sad day for humankind


The bunch of extreme right world terrorists who have hijacked the White House four years ago now have four more years to continue the long list of crimes against humanity they have been committing in Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Irak and elsewhere, including the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians (although, as they say, they don’t care to count the civilian casualties of their attacks).


Four more years to consolidate the military and economic hegemony of the world, under the pretext of a war against terrorism, with total disrespect of the international laws, and four more years to pursue the destruction of planet earth in a total disrespect of international treaties and conventions.


With a Republican dominated Senate and House of Representatives, the Führer has an almost absolute power, although elected by only about 26% of the U.S.A. electorate (since less than 52% of the potential voters cared to vote, and he got about 52% of them – hardly a lesson in democracy).



P.S.  I wrote this on the morning of November 3.  I post it on my site on the morning of November 8, when the attack on Fallujah has already started, with the sealing off of the only hospital in town (after another other hospital was razed a few days ago), so that no medical help at all will be given to the victims of the attack. An obvious crime against humanity by any standard of international law.  Furthermore, the Prime Minister Ayad Allawi (a CIA man, who simply repeats the orders he receives from Washington) knows very well that the capture and the destruction of Fallujah will have only a symbolic value (since insurgency – that is, the refusal of the occupation – is all over Irak), and for that symbolic act of power he and his masters in Washington are ready to sacrifice an untold number of human lives.  We are really back to the Dark Ages. God bless us.