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Where and what have I learned ?

What Have I Learned

Until June 2004, I was a scientific student at Secondary School Institute Saint-Joseph, Libramont, Belgium.

Then, I spent one year abroad learning English and Dutch, in language schools in Brighton, U.K; and in Vught, Netherlands. I am quite a fluent speaker in English, and I am trying to improve my Dutch to be a more efficient speaker.

Then, I went to Brussels to study communication. In June 2008, I got my Bachelor's degree in Applied Communication at IHECS (with honours).

in 2010, I have graduated with honours from IHECS, ending with a Master in Commercial Communication and Advertising, with a thesis on Search Engine Optimization applied to Marketing.

I am currently studying Microsoft .NET development at Technocite, an I.T. training center near Mons. I will be available for an internship in march 2011.

Computer skills : here we are !

My geekness

Since I spend most of my time in front of my beloved computer, I have developed a wide range of abilities.

  • I am currently studying tools of the .NET Technology. I really enjoy creating rich, web-focused application with tools such as :
    •C Sharp,
  • ADO,
  • •XML (along with XSLT),
  • T-SQL,
  • •SQL Server 2008.
  • UML analysis.

I am also very familiar with development softwares such as DreamWeaver, Flash, Flex, etc. I've also learned quite a bit of codes in ActionScript, HTML, CSS, and I am always finding pieces of information which keep me on the learning tracks.

My hands have the same dexterity typing on Mac OS, Unix or Windows (but, as you've noticed, I'd rather eat an healthy fruit...)

I have very good skills with creative softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I've also learned a bit of 3D with Cinema 4D.

I have also written a deep-study thesis on Search Engine Optimization and I have acquired a good working knowledge on that theme, during my experiments on the aide-memoire project.

Of course, I can also handle office programs, whether Microsoft's ones (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) or the Apple iWork softwares, on both operating systems.

To be continued...

I am constantly hitting the books and learning more about my favorite field : Internet Marketing. I plan to attend some lectures this summer (PHP, JavaScript).

Next year I will probably be on a specific web formation (web-design or development).


Bonjour ! Hello ! Goeiedag ¡ Hola !

What Can I Speak

It is useless to say that I am proficient at speaking French since it is my mother tongue. I also read quite a lot, and my vocabulary allows me to be efficient in expressing my thoughts.

I have an academic advanced level in English, which means I have very good listening and reading skills. I can also be quite proficient at speaking and writing. I listen, watch, and read a lot of English material. When given the chance, I am always enjoying a nice conversation in English.

I can also speak a little bit of Dutch, and I am studying the language of my father on a daily basis. I am improving my skills from day to day. I have good listening and reading skills, but I am still a little clumsy when speaking Vondel's tongue. I would be pleased to work in a Dutch-speaking environment.

Spanish... Wish I could speak it, but I am only able to understand it while spoken slowly or written. If needed, I can improve this ability.

What have I done ?

In 2007, I spend one month doing an observation internship at communication agency Z6 création, Luxemburg.

During the summer of 2008, I had a student job for a library (posters, folders, press release, menus, etc.)

I was, during the academic year 2008-2009, Web & Communication Manager for the IHECS Students Club- CEICS (posters - web - folders - etc.)

I have achieved numerous and various graphic jobs (websites, posters, flyers, folders, etc.)

I have also worked as a student in the construction field (electricity, carpentering, equipment, carcass & frame work, etc.)

How may I help you ?


If you need a website...

I am always seeking people who need visibility on the web to give me more experience. I do websites on my free time for fun and I don't charge much. I can build static websites or dynamic ones, using CMS engines. I also build websites according to the web standards, giving them more accessibility and more searchabilty for engines like Google. Just send me a mail and I will take contact with you.

If you need a trainee...

I will be available for a trainingship in the development field starting in march 2010. Just send me a mail and I will take contact with you.