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Recent work | Web

Jean-Bernard Lievens

Jean-Bernard Lievens - Psychothérapeute Ready to be launched

ean-Bernard Lievens - Psychothérapeute

This static website was created by graphic designer Pascale Rigaux. It has been adapted from print format (Adobe InDesign, pantone Colors, etc.) to the web using css3 typography and intense use of style sheets propreties.

ISJ Libramont - ET Bertrix

isjlibramont-etbertrix | Launched the 1st of September 2010

Bonance - Libramont

ISJ Libramont - ET Bertrix is a website build for two twins schools. It was quite a challenge to create a website for two separate organisations and to create a structure that would fit both needs. Three different design were created.

Bonance - Libramont

The original development and integration was done by me, but a webmaster is now modeling the site, so I am not in charge of further changes.

Bonance - Libramont

Doing this job has taught me how to handle a good client relationship, with the AGILE project handling spirit of delivering material in each process step


aide-mémoire.be | Launched the 15th of April 2010

What Have I Learned

aide-mémoire.be is a blog using the Wordpress engine. It was created in my personal record time of two days. The focus was not to design a stunning website, but to experiment on search engine optimization.
It is part of my academic work on website optimization for search engines. I am running this blog on a daily basis, creating content in responses of keyword analysis.

I will share my results on s.e.o. the 9th of July 2010.


funby.be | Launched the 13th of January 2010


funby.be was created for an academic work on mobile advertising. The website uses the Wordpress CMS engine. I was responsible both for the design and for the development. I also created and embedded flash animations, and a Pacman-like game was created. The websites also displays videos.


anorevie.be | Launched the 8th of Augustus 2009


anorevie.be is a website for a Belgian association dealing with people suffering from eating disorder. My mother, Françoise Lievens, is part of the team and I naturally offered my services. It is a static website, so I am in charge of the information updates.


marathonGraphics | Created the 12th of February 2010

marathon graphics

As a part of my research in graphic design and flash development, I created an alternate version of this website. It is not using HTML but is running with the flash engine. I had to make a choice and I decided not to put it online due to Flash poor searchabilty and accessibility. You can still see it here, but it is not fully-functional.

Recent work | Print

Scouts d'Enghien - Cinema Poster

Scouts d'Enghien | Launched the 8th of May 2010

What Have I Learned

This poster was designed for free using Photoshop and Illustrator for the Belgian Catholic Scouts - Enghien. The Popcorn box and ticket were created in 3D.

Magazine Covers

Personal | Launched the 09th of November 2009


This was a personnal project I always wanted to make. The photography shots were taken by my friend Lillo Mendola in the IHECS photo-studios. Then I had fun in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop re-touching the art and creating headlines in relation with the tastes, likes and personality of my roommates.

Nuit des Médias - Logo

ceics.be | Launched the 29th of April 2009


The Night of Media is an event organized each year by the student club of IHECS to show some of the best work produced but student. I designed a logo, t-shirts, posters, light patterns, etc. It has been a success and the logo has been re-used for this year event.

More to come...

I am still working on some more projects, so this portfolio will be updated soon.

This page display only a small bit of my work. If you want to see more, just download my portfolio in .pdf format.