Claude-Philippe Lievens

Where do I live ?

I am living, working, studying and having much fun in the heart of Brussels, but I'm orginally from the Ardennes, near Luxemburg.

Here is my address in the Ardennes (for important mail):

Claude-Philippe Lievens
Route de Dinant, 28
6800 Libramont

Here is my address in Brussels (for fast mail):

Claude-Philippe Lievens
Rue Terre Neuve, 18
1000 Brussels

How to reach me

You can send me a mail and I will get in touch with you in the blink of an eye.

T: +32(0)497/48.22.93

How may I help you ?


If you need a website...

I am always seeking people who need visibility on the web to give me more experience. I do websites on my free time for fun and I don't charge much. I can build static websites or dynamic ones, using CMS engines. I also build websites according to the web standards, giving them more accessibility and more searchabilty for engines like Google. Just send me a mail and I will take contact with you.

If you need a trainee...

I will be available for a trainingship in the development field starting in march 2010. Just send me a mail and I will take contact with you.

This information doesn't fulfill your needs ?
If you want to know more, you can send me an e-mail, download my curriculum vitae or my portfolio in .pdf format.