MindManager: the crea tool

MindManager is an organizational tool that helps maximize creative thinking, brainstorming and idea management. It uses visuals and text not only to speed the writing process, but also to help users (and others) work on and retain a large quantity of information in a short amount of time. It was developed from extensive research into how people receive and process information, and is based on the principles of Mind Mapping. This creative technique is used worldwide to achieve high performance at individual, team and organizational levels. It helps you to:

Save time and money

Communicate your ideas easily

Memorize notes more effectively

Recall information easier

MindManager is a 32bit application for Windows 95 / 98 / NT. A free 21-day trial version is available as a download from the MindManager web site.

See document: http://www.store-mindjet.com/affiliate.cfm?aff=ARC58EXNZT58

Tip: the left pane works like windows explorer!
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This document was updated 27/05/00.