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Link to me, I'll link back. This is the true spirit of the web. Remember your best finds on the net? I bet you found them through referrals on other sites!

Therefore, I'll link to you if your pages seem valuable to me. My standards are that you have to have a "honest" page which provides useful information.

If that is the case, and you place a link to me, let me know. Send me an email. On the next update, you'll find a link to your pages on two places on my site:

1 On an appropriate place in the framed section. For example, if you contact me as a chiro member, then I'll link to you in the chiro section of my pages.

2 On my "links" pages, to make sure that the search engines see this link (as most search engines do not spider inside frames). The advantage is that your link popularity increases. I'll submit this page about once a month to link popularity sensitive search engines.

My links page is here. If you do not see a reference to your page though you have a link to my pages, first refresh your browser window. If it's still not there, mail me !

Link to a page with links to pages that link to my pages (!).

How to link to me? That's a good one! There are two options. Either you place a text link to me, or you place an image link, or you do both:

Text link Simply place the following code somewhere on your page, preferably in a non-framed page:


Make sure you change the capital text with a personal recommendation.

Image link First, download the logo here by right-clicking on it and saving it with your graphic files:

Then, place the following on your site (again in a non-framed page):

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="logo02.jpg" BORDER="0"></A>

Make sure the SRC part points to the right directory. For example, if it's in a directory named "pic", this would be "pic/logo02.jpg".

Please do NOT link to framed pages on my site (such as hpv00r03-912.htm) because of two reasons:

1 Visitors clicking through from your reference will see only one page, without navigation structure. So they will be lost! They won't find what they are looking for and simply quit. They'll think your references are bad, because it seems that the site you refer to consists of only one page.

2 On the next update of my site, your reference is made incorrect. This is because I generate my pages with MindManager, which numbers the pages according to its own criteria. Thus, a page called "hpv00r03-627.htm" could be renamed to "hpv00r03-912.htm" the next update. The other way round, on this next update, a totally different page may be named "hpv00r03-627.htm".

So your visitors either get a "404: Page does not exist" either land on a totally unrelated page. This will make them think your references are lousy, and my pages are outdated.

So please, if you link to me, link only to the And let me know so that I can link to you!

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

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Please send your comments to Peter Doomen.
This document was updated 27/05/00.