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How to become CL Skin Editor?

One of the things you can do to have impact on Champion Launcher is by developing your own skin for the program.

The procedure to become CL Skin Editor is straightforward and easy:

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Contact the Authors

First, develop a good idea for a skin. Examples might be:

- 19th century England

- flowers

- the sea

- science

- motorbikes

- food

or whatever idea springs to your mind. Brainstorm, use your creativity, but don't become inactive! Let the world know your exist!

Contact us, the authors, with your idea. Mention your name, email address (if different from the address you send the mail from) and your idea. These information will not be used for other purposes than contact you to send you information about becoming CL Skin Author.

See document:

Get the CL Skin Info Pack

Once your message arrives, we will review it and send you the CL Skin Information pack. This information package will help you to develop your CL skin.

Develop the new skin

With the aid of the CL Skin Information Pack, you will be able to develop the skin. The only thing you have to do is to send it to the authors.

Send the skin to the CL Authors

Once you finished developing and testing the skin, you can send it to the authors for approval. It can take a few days before we are through it, so please be patient.

See document:

Publish and use it

We review the skin you sent us and send you either an approval either a request for changes. Once you get the approval, you can put the skin on your homepage as a downloadable file or let that to us. In either case, we will publish your work on the Champion Launcher website as a recognition for your work.

Please send your comments to Peter Doomen. This document was updated 1/04/00.