If ever there was a work in progress, you should really consider this page as one! I'm afraid I don't know all that much about the Verbilt history. So, if any of this sounds familiar, don't hesitate to contact me!!! Maybe together we'll figure it out...

I guess I'd better start in the present on this one. My great grandmother on father's side was Elodie Verbilt (born in Lochristi, December 25th, 1870; died in Lochristi, January 17th, 1946). She was married to Joannes De Sutter; with him she had 5 children. Widowed from Joannes, she remarried Francies Braeckman. Elodie and Francies had 2 children: a girl and a boy. The girl was my grandmother, Amelia Marie Braeckman.

Elodie had 9 siblings: Alouis Verbilt (born in Lochristi, June 26th, 1875; died in Sint-Amandsberg, April 29th, 1946); Seraphien Verbilt; Edmond Verbilt; Nathalie Verbilt; Marie-Joanna Verbilt; Delphine Verbilt (born in Lochristi, January 27th, 1866; died in Destelbergen, January 4th, 1944); Clementine Verbilt (born in Lochristi, June 30th, 1873; died in Sint-Amandsberg, September 26th, 1958); Maria-Christina Verbilt and Louise Verbilt.

And that's just about how far I got so far. You see, there is still al lot of work! Have a look at tree, maybe you'll find something familiar. But, I have to say, there is a lot of information that I haven't put on this site. There is still something called privacy. In the tree you'll find surnames, but no first names, but maybe that can already help...

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