The family Braeckman-Verbilt

This is my past. This is my family history. Or at least, what I know of it so far...

It all started with one of those talks between a grandmother and her granddaughter. But boy, what a talk that was... Just one little question triggered it all: "Grandma, what do you know about our family?" And she started talking, and she kept talking. She knew it all, at least so I thought at the time. She knew names, dates of birth, dates of death, names of spouses, names of children. You name it, she knew it...

So, I started writing everything down,and I even attempted drawing a family tree. Later on, she handed me her collection of funeral cards, an unexpected tresure.

A long time has gone by since that talk. But, my quest continued: I've been irritating family members with questions, I've looked around on the internet, and recently I started checking out the archives... So I think the time has come to share some of my findings here!

Most information is based on what my grandmother told me, backed up with whatever the funeral cards had to tell. Yet, some branches have been studied in more detail. I'm actually working with five surnames: Wautier (my own surname), De Baere (my mothers surname), Van de Weghe and Braeckman (surnames of both my grandmothers) and Verbilt (my great grandmothers surname). I have little data, so far, concerning the names Van de Weghe, Braeckman and Verbilt, so any suggestions are more than welcome! My mothers family heritage has been dealt with very profoundly by others (please have a look at this website). At the moment, I'm mainly working on the Wautier family tree.

These genealogy pages are setup as follows. There is a group of pages for each surname, please follow the according link. I'll start out with some short comments on the family background, and then let you browse through the tree. All genealogic data have been processed with a shareware version of GenoPro(TM) (version 1.90e). In a later stage, I'll attempt to combine the different surname branches. Yet, right now, only the independent trees are available.

This brings me to a final, but very important, note. You'll see that the last generations have not been included in these trees, nor have any living individuals been included (accept of course for myself and my parents). This is nothing more than a matter of privacy. If you find that you fit in to one of these trees, and you have no objection to be mentioned on this website, just let me know. I'll see what I can do. There are some pages with more information on them, but these are password protected. If you have been granted a login and password, just fill it in below.

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