Before telling you about the De Baere family history I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. J. Ysveld, who took it upon herself to track down the history of the De Baere's. She provided all information needed to reconstruct our family's past in a straight line. Further information was provided by Mrs. J. Debaere (you really must have a look at her website!). Recently, I recieved an email from Mr. J. Decock, bringing some more info to my attention. Most probably, his "Debaere" branch (Oudenaarde region) also links to the data presented here, but this remains a "mystery" so far. If you want to know more about this family, have a look here.

Maybe I could start with a little word about the ethymology of the name De Baere (also have a look at this website). A number of hypotheses have been proposed in the past. A first possibility goes as follows. De Baere possibly refers to "bar", meaning naked. The name De Baere might have originated as a nickname for a person dressed in rags. With respect to this explanation we can refer to Godevaert die Barre (1303). Another possibility might be that De Baere refers to names like "De Beer", "Debeir", of course linked to bears. It might also be that De Baere is nothing more than a dutch version of Dubar (and it certainly looks like it in our case). The word "bar" can, in this case, be linked to a barrier. Finally, Dubar might also refer to "de Bar", indicating a persons origin as being located in the region of Bar (a region in Northern France). In this case we can point to the multiple occurence of the name "De Bar" in historic publications with respect to the Middle Ages. For example, Jean de Bar ("chevaucheur du Duc); or Jean de Bar sur Aube (1383). It appears that the De Bar family must have been rather important in these times, as different members occur in pedigrees of Royal families in the period 1100-1400. Hm, one can always dream, right...

Anyhow, there are a number of "De Baere" families nowadays, whatever the origin and spelling of the name! A first family is located in the region of Maldegem. I won't go into detail here, it is not my place to do so. Just have a look at this website dedicated to this family. Another family has its roots in the region of Lokeren. This family history goes back to Jacobus De Baere, born in Lokeren around 1714. Besides these two family records, there are quite a number of "independent" (probably due to lack of information...) occurences of the name. Through the ages we can name villages such as Laarne, Melden, Erpe, Sinaai, Waasmunster, Hamme, Brugge, Gent and many, many others. This trends appears to continue in present days. A short survey of the geographic distribution of the name nowadays shows a nationwide occurence. And we can even talk about a worldwide representation of the name. There are De Baere's in the USA, in Canada, in Argentina and in Brazil. Closer to home, we find of course representatives in The Netherlands and in France.

Now, back to business. Our family history goes back to around 1535 with the birth of Thomas Dubar. AS far as we know, Thomas had one son: Jacques Dubar (born around 1568 in Hem, Department Pas de Calais, France; died on June 18th, 1640 in Huise, Belgium). Jacques was married to Joanna Danijns. Jacques and Joanna had 7 children: Adrianus Dubar; Petrus Dubaer; Elisabeth Dubar; Jacobus Dubar; Martinus Dubar; Maria Dubar; and Antonius Dubar.

A short note in between: I will only speak about my direct ancestors here, otherwise things would become to complicated. If you want more information, click the button below and browse the tree, it's all there...

Petrus Dubaer (note the spelling), son of Jacques and Joanna, born in Huise on May 9th, 1593, married Joanna Meerschaut on July 14th, 1630. They had 7 children: Judocus De Bare; Joanna De Bare; Guilielmus De Bare; Marcus Debare; Anna De Bare; Carolus De Bare; and Petrus De Bare. Petrus Dubaer was a "chirurgijn", a doctor in other words. He died in Gavere on May 27th, 1643.

His son, Marcus Debare (born in Gavere on January, 9th, 1637) was married to Joanna Verstraeten. They had 3 children: Petrus De Baere; Joannes De Baere; and Nicolaus Debare. Nicolaus Debare was born in Gavere on January 2nd, 1669. He also died there, on February 29th, 1720. He was married to Elisabetha D'hase. Nicolaus and Elisabetha had 3 children: Jan Baptist De Bore (again, note the spelling); Maria Catharina Debore; and Livinus De Bore. Later on Nicolaus married Anna Weijmeersch. With Anna, Nicolaus had 2 more children: Alberta De Baere and Jacoba Debaere.

Jan Baptist De Bore, also known as Joannes Baptist De Bore, (born in Gavere, on May 13th, 1701; died in Bottelare, on December 27th, 1780) was married to Petronella Daniels on April 27th, 1730. The couple had 10 children: Catharina Livina Barre; Judocus De Barre; Bernardi De Baere; Maria Anna De Barre; Angelina De Barre; Petronella de Barre; Anna Maria De Barre; Joanna Rosa De Barre; Bernardina De Barre; and Carolina De Barre.

On May 6th, 1764, Bernardi De Baere (born in Bottelare on October 10th, 1734) and Florentina De Waegheneer were married in Bottelare. They had 6 children: Philippa De Baer; Franciscus De Baer; Joannes Baptist De Baer Josephus De Baer; Dominicus De Baer; and Augustinus De Baere.

Augustinus De Baere was born in Merelbeke, on March 29th, 1778. He married Maria Van Der Schueren on February 14th, 1809, also in Merelbeke. He died there on May 29th, 1858. Augustinus and Maria had a son: Henricus De Baere. We have no knowledge of other children.

Augustinus' son, Henricus, was born in Merelbeke on June 1st, 1829, and died in Munte on March 23rd, 1908. He was married to Pelagie Goedertier. They had 6 children: Marie Hortense De Baere; Marie Delphine De Baere; Emiel August De Baere; Raimond Joseph De Baere; Victoor Joseph De Baere; and Leonce Joseph De Baere.

Emiel August De Baere was born (October 10th, 1871) and died (December 14th, 1933) in Munte. He married Marie Justine Lemmens in Gontrode on September 9th, 1901. They had 8 children (4 girls and 4 boys). Their fifth child, Gerardus Victor Bonifacius De Baere married Aline Van de Weghe. This couple had 3 children (2 sons and 1 daughter). Their daughter, Monique De Baere married DaniŽl Wautier. They are my mother and father.

To conclude, a little list with different variants of the name De Baere as encountered in this family tree; between brackets you'll find the number of occurences: Barre (1), De Baer (6), De Baere (207), De Baerre (1), De Bare (42), De Barre (11), De Bore (2), Debaer (2), Debaere (68), Debare (7), Debore (8), del Bare (1), Dubaer (2), and last but certainly not the least Dubar (9).

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