My Braeckman heritage so far goes back to Pieter Braeckman and his wife Joanna Temmerman, who were married in Desteldonk on October 29th, 1747. They had at least 3 children: Joannes Baptiste (see further down), Adriana (christened in Desteldonk on March 19th, 1750; burried in Desteldonk on September 1st, 1752) and Livina (christened in Desteldonk on November 28th, 1782).

My history continues with Joannes Baptiste Braeckman. He was born in Desteldonk, where he was christened on July 30th, 1748. He died here as well, on October 23rd, 1828. Joannes Baptiste was married to Marie Joanne Calle. The marriage took place in Desteldonk, January 29th, 1775. As far as we know, Marie Joanne originated from Zaffelare.
Joannes Baptiste and Marie Joanne had at least 9 children: Livinus (christened: Desteldonk, September 24th, 1773), Joanna Maria (christened: Desteldonk, December 9th, 1775), Adrianus (christened: Desteldonk, January 26th, 1777), Joannes Franciscus (christened: Desteldonk, August 29th, 1778; burried: Desteldonk, September 22nd, 1778), Joannes (christened: Desteldonk, November 28th, 1779), Jacobus (born & christened: Desteldonk, October 8th, 1781; died: Desteldonk, September 20th, 1834), Petrus (christened: Desteldonk, September 17th, 1784), Franciscus Joannes (christened: Desteldonk, September 12th, 1786), and Petrus (christened: Desteldonk, August 31st, 1788).

Of these children, Jacobus married Marie De Maesschalck (born: Lochristi; burried: Desteldonk, January 16th, 1842), daugther of Judocus De Maesschalck and Isabelle Van De Sompel. They had at least 5 children: Coleta (died: Desteldonk, September 26th, 1834), Joannes Franciscus (born: Desteldonk, around 1808; died: Desteldonk, September 26th, 1834), Judocus Bernardus (born: around 1813), Henricus (born: Desteldonk, March 27th, 1817; died: Lochristi, September 1st, 1862), and Joannes Baptiste (born: Desteldonk, August 1829; died: Desteldonk, March 3rd, 1830).

Although my genealogy continues with Henricus Braeckman, I'd like to talk about Judocus Bernardus first. We have strong reasons to believe (yet, we still need confirmation on this one), that Judocus Bernardus Braeckman, son of Jacobus and Marie De Maesschalck, married Ludovica Canarière (born around 1815). If so, Judocus Bernardus had at least 7 children: Theresia (born: Lochristi, February 13th, 1846), Frederica (born: Lochristi, September 24th, 1848), Paulina (born: Lochristi, September 28th, 1850), Clementina (born: Lochristi, October 8th, 1852), Stephania (born: Lochristi, May 23th, 1855), Seraphinus (born: Lochristi, September 23th, 1858), and Rosalia (born: Lochristi, October 23th, 1862).

Getting back to Henricus, he married Frederica D'hooge. This couple had at least 6 children: Felix (born: Lochristi, September 13th, 1845), Theresia (born: Lochristi, December 5th, 1846), Joannes (born: Lochristi, November 21st, 1848), Philomèna (born: Lochristi, April 7th, 1851), Louis (born: Lochristi, March 2nd, 1853), and Ferdinandus (born: Lochristi, March 15th, 1855).

Felix married Stephania De Vreeze (born: Lochristi, April 26th, 1847), daugther of Petrus Ludovicus De Vreeze (born: Ghent; died: Lochristi, September 26th, 1854 - son of Regina De Vreeze) and Sophia De Backer. Felix and Stephania were married on May 17th, 1871 in Lochristi. They had 9 children: Marie Braeckman (no further data), Sylvie Braeckman (Sylvie married a German man, called Johan Koster; as far is I know, she emigrated to Flensburg in Germany), Jan Braeckman (no further data), Franciscus Braeckman (born: Lochristi, December 26th, 1873, died: Lochristi, March 29th, 1952), Charles-Louis Braeckman (born: Lochristi, April 16th, 1875, died: Lochristi, September 6th, 1937), Amelie Braeckman (born: Lochristi, February 14th, 1877, died: Ghent, April 25th, 1933), Henri Braeckman (born: Lochristi, February 11th, 1883, died: Lochristi, June 28th, 1981), Philomena Braeckman (born: Lochristi, June 21st, 1885, died: Lochristi, March 9th, 1942) and Petrus Augustinus Braeckman (born: Lochristi, October 7th, 1886; died: October 5th 1958, presumably in Destelbergen or Koekelberg).

It was Francies Braeckman who married the widowed Elodie Verbilt (have a look at the Verbilt pages). They had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl was my grandmother, Amelia Marie Braeckman (named after her aunt, Amelie Braeckman).

And that's it. More to come, I hope! And remember, if any of this sounds familiar, please let me know!

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