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John Francis Webb
Private first class
101st Airborne
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment

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If you knew John Francis Webb, have a photograph of John or any testimony to share about him, please be as kind as to contact us by clicking on the image.  We would really appreciate your help. 
Thank you so much beforehand.


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PFC John F. Webb, B company, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne.  Military background
button_bullet.gif (1396 bytes)   The adoption of PFC John F. Webb's grave in Henri-Chapelle-Belgium
button_bullet.gif (1396 bytes)  Mr. Richard Dujardin, Staff Writer Providence Journal, or how it started to know John ...

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Mr. Harold Maciel, John's friend, speaks to Richard Dujardin
button_bullet.gif (1396 bytes)   Mrs. Marilyn Ricker Brewer's valuable newspaper clipping
button_bullet.gif (1396 bytes)   Mr. Robert Rodericks contribution and John's class mates
button_bullet.gif (1396 bytes)  Mrs. Carolyn Mc Grath research : John F. Webb's family

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John F. Webb's family tree (Researches : Mrs. Carolyn Mc Grath)

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Some 502nd PIR memorabilia (insignia, pictures)

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Links to some sites about the 101st ABN, 502nd PIR, Bastogne area found equipment id., ...

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