Winterbeeck Etienne E.L. (RAF n°87680)
Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm, ...
(André Bar Collection)

Etienne Winterbeeck was born at Etterbeek (Brussels), February 22nd, 1918. He Joined the Belgian Army and was member of the 8°Linie Regiment (Infantry) on 26 December 1938. He asked a transfer to the Aéronautique Militaire and was pupil at the Flying Training School when War broke out. The School was transferred to France and went to Oujda in Morocco at the time of capitulation. He decided to continue fighting and escaped with several other countrymen to Great Britain, where they arrived on August 5th, 1940. He enlisted in the V.R. of the RAF and was sent to 5 SFTS and 58 OTU to continue training. After a short stay at 74 Sqn, he was transferred to 350 Sqn where he arrived April 2nd, 1942. On May 23, 1942, 350 Sqn executed a Rodeo with the Wings of Biggin Hill and Hornchurch. 350 clashed with a formation of FW-190, in witch the plane of Winterbeeck was hit and crashed into the sea, MIA.

(source: Cynrik De Decker)

             His claims are :-
19/08/1941 1 JU-88 Damaged E of Whitburn (74 Sqn)
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