" Fifi "  Verpoorten Ferdinand (RAF n°169600)

Knight - Officer in the Order of the Crown, Knight -Officer in the Order of Léopold,
Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm, Croix des Evadés, 1939 - 1943 Star, Air Crew Europe Star with Clasp,
Defence Medal, Croix de Guerre 1940 - Grand Duché de Luxembourg, ...
(André Bar Collection)

Born 1st July 1920 at Schaerbeek (Brussels). A voluntary engagement for two years saw him joining the Pilot School of Wevelghem on 01 March 1939. Being enlisted in the 80 Promotion he gained his Military Flying Brevet on 15 January 1940 and joined the 2Aé. Executing an interdiction flight over Liège - Visé area on 20 April 1940, the flight consisting of  1Sgt Avi P. Delorme, Sgt R. Vandenbroeck and Sgt F. Verpoorten), managed to intercept an shoot at a Do-17, wich crashed in the Dutch territory. The country being invaded, his unit (1/I/2Aé) moved to France (14 May 40)  at Fréjorgues Airfield (28 May 40) from wich they flew daily  till French Armistice. Send home on 20 August 1940, he became unemployed. He left the country for France (28 Nov 40) and was arrested at Cerveras, Spain, on 23 March 1941. Emprisoned at Miranda the same day, he was liberated on 14 February 1942 and joins Portugal, arriving at Lisbon on 23 Fenruary 1942. He left Portugal for Gibraltar on 21 March 1942. He reached G.B.(Glasgow ,12 May 42) on board of S.S. LLANSTEPHAN CASTLE and was send to the Patriotic School the same day. Taken up into Belgian Forces in G.B. (26 May 42), he started training and was posted to the Depot Aé (11 Jun 42), RAF Receiving Center N°2 - Cardington (29 Jun 42), 5 PAFU - Ternhill (07 Aug 42) and 58 OTU - Grangemouth. Graduated, he was posted as Sergeant Pilot to 350 Sqn where he arrived at 12 January 1943. Rested on 19 April 1945, he joined the Belgian Training School. Discharged from RAF on 01 October 1946, he joined SABENA where he retired in March 1977. Died at Grasse, France on 16 May 2008.

(source: Guy De Win)

             His claims are :
20/04/1940 1/3 Do-17 Destroyed (Aè Mil)
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