Index of the photo albums


Here, on (albums with no link are... offline! Send email to get it back on)


Ukrainian Protest in Ĺrhus


Some more various pictures of Dora and the Eastern Europe Connection

Mall Of America, and some pics of cloudy skies and snowy prairies

Champi et compagnie (pour Rudy, c’est offline. Me contacter pour revoir)


Cheese, Wine And A Silent Gun (stinky raclette for lonely souls)



There, on

Bledina MSN Group (various pictures about various stuff...various indeed)


Pictures from Latvia are on MSN



If anyone knows a good place with webspace and that doesn’t have annoying policies (like change the files every other week), let me know


And since everybody else has one (or almost), here is my blog (which is just like the webcam... updated 3 times a year :D)

Link to my webcam