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Hi dear visitor !

Welcome on this little space on the web describing one of the many projects I'm proud to have achieved, my own arcade cabinet named my Linux Arcade.

This project has stayed for a long time in my head before I've buyed and read the excellent book by John St.Clair, Project Arcade, build your own arcade machine and started to build it. It have been excellent days of wood working, electronic and computers funny experiments...before taking real fun playing old games I've met years ago in caf├ęs and Luna Parks (Luna Parks, as called in Belgium, were itinerant amusements places found in fairs in which you were able to play video games, treasures huntings games, flippers...). While they have not completely disappeard from fairs, there are less video games to be found in there and less interest for people to have fun in these places probably due to the fact that everybody is having a personal video games system at home or in his pocket nowadays...

My project is somewhat different from many other excellent cabinets you may find on the nice BYOAC website because it uses only open sources applications, from the operating system (GNU/Linux) to the various used emulators programs. I simply don't use and even have any microsoft software. For me, window$ is too much useless, unstable, time and money consuming. Open your mind, open the source codes of the applications !

OK, I've finished to preach for GNU/Linux and the open source chappel, let's explore my creation !

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