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1. Purposes

The idea was to have the ability to have controls devices for two players who could play cooperatively or against each other depending of the games.
Some devices like spinner or 4 ways-only joystick should be present only for player 1.

2. Control board

I've choosed to have following controls on board :
  • 2 x 8 directions joystick;
  • 2 x 6 players buttons;
  • 1 coin button for player 1;
  • 1 coin button for player 2;
  • 1 start button for player 1;
  • 1 start button for player 2;
  • 1 spinner for player 1;
  • 1 4 directions pacman-like japanese style joystick;
  • 1 3 inches trackball;
  • 3 buttons associated with the trackball;
  • 1 pause button;
  • 1 escape button;
  • 1 button to power up/down the machine.
The spinner was not present in the first version of the board and as the one I've placed is not functionning correctly, it will be replaced soon by another one.

If you read farther in the softwares section, you will see that I'm also emulating a lot of Nintendo consoles like Gameboy, NES and N64. To have the better feeling on applications running under these emulators, I've added another control to my machine, the Wiimote and Classic controllers from my own Nintendo Wii console ! :-)
The link is done through an USB Bluetooth adapter on the computer.

The spinner is missing on the pictures as it was added recently.