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1. Plans and drawings

In order to build it, I've been inspired by the plans and drawings from John St.Clair's book and many other projects found on the web.

Living in Belgium, I've adapted the measures to metric units (millimeters, centimeters...) instead of english measures (inches, feets, ...). I've created the plans using the CAD software QCad which has a free to use edition. My plans are available as dxf file below and may be used, modified or adapted by everyone : The plans and the methodology to build the cabinet are following the ones described in John's book.
The MDF sheets have a dimension of 244 x 122 x 1.8 cm

2. Prototype

Before building the real one using heavy material as wood, I've passed an afternoon to build a real size prototype using old carton boxes, just to figure out the size of it, to convince my wife and to help me to find a location for it in the house... :-)

3. The building

As explained, I've followed the order of construction steps detailed in the book, but with measures adapted to the european metric system.

One of the major problem I've encountered was the drilling of the T-Molding groove; I've buyed the T-molding and the slot cutter bit at Unfortunately the diameter of the cutter was too large for my plunge router, and apparently, it is hard to find in Europe a so large diameter machine. To overcome this, I've blocked the head of my router down, and manually adjust the height of the cutter to cut right in the middle of the sheets...finaly, result was not too bad ! ;-)

You may look at various stages of the assembly below :
The build process took me about a week as I did all the work alone, even the assembly of the larger sides. If I would do it again, I will certainly ask for some help... :-)

4. Washing and painting

This is the step that will give its own personality to the creation, if well done of course !

First thing to do was to wash the entire cabinet to remove all the dust generated by all the drills, cuts and routings. I cautiously wash it twice with clear water. A picture below can give you an idea of the dust removed from the wood :-)

Painting was achieved by giving applying several layers of paint; to start, I've applied two layers of white primer for MDF and then a total of 4 layers of dark night (thus, simply black :-) ) paint. Be sure to respect the dry time before applying another layer. It took me 3 days for the painting.

5. Mostly...but never completely finished