iKons: Icons for KDE

I like the "cartoonish" design of the KDE icons.The KDE icons are a compromise between icons that look very symbolic (like those icons used for the MacOS) and near-photorealistic icons (like those icons used by Windowmaker or Gnome e.g.). Kcontrol supports icon themes, but till now, there aren't much icon themes available for KDE ... so I decided to make some icons for KDE.

Linux Desktop environments support many graphic formats for their icons: png, xpm, TIFF, jpg and gif. For my icons, I chose to use the gif format for the icons that you can view on this site. The icons in the packages, that you can download from this site, use the png format. Both gif and png support transparancy.

The latest release of 'iKons' includes all the icons on this page, except the icons with the 'new' sign (these icons will be included in the next release of 'iKons'). If you have any questions concerning these icons or if you have made some icons and you want to share them with other KDE users, please mail me :-). You can obtain a KDE icon styleguide at the KDE Icon Factory.

Click here to download iKons 0.7 preview for KDE 3

Installation Instructions

  • Open the KDE-Menu an start the Control Center
  • Click on "Look and Feel" and "Icons"
  • Browse to the location of the new icon theme tar.gz file by clicking the small folder button
  • Click on "Install New Theme" to add the new icons
  • Click "Apply"
  • Have fun! :-)
  • Note: 'iKons' is best viewed at 48x48 with transparency enabled (go to the 'advanced' options and enable 'semitransparency'). After installing , right click on the desktop and click on "line up icons" to finish it out or your icons will act strange and look larger that normal (because iKons is a 48x48 default icon theme, and KDE uses 32x32 icons as default). The icon theme is designed for KDE 3.0 and newer releases of KDE.