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Remembering the radio operators of World War Two
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During World War Two, hundreds of resistant radio operators risked their lifes by transmitting and receiving vital information and data, regarding the Allied operations and the supplies for the resitance all over Europe. Using encrypted and encoded messages, their work was often the only link towards the SOE ( Special Operations Executive ) in Station X ( Bletchley Park in the UK ). A quarter of the 500 SOE agents who were parachuted between 1941 and 1944 never made it back... Next to the parachuted SOE agents, dozens of local operators linked to illegal refuges, received vital information from the BBC and completed transmission by morse, arranging the much needed parachuted supplies of weapons, ammunition and sabotage gear. The penalty by the German occupant was clear : death by bullet or deportation. In the honor of intelligence service ATHOS, the remembrance project of the HBFV Museum is connecting people with this important part of history.
“ We honor these men and women by filling the airwaves once again, connecting people again all over the world. A call for peace, straight from the places they operated during WWII... “ 
DX Activations
(16) ARP-DX
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ARPDX is a non-profit project from the HBFV Museum.
ARPDX QRP contacts on 11 meters with the Moonraker - 1/4 wave counterpoise
Next ARPDX activation : July 18, 2020 OPERATION OREGON Tienbunderbos, BELGIUM Commemorating the resistance transmissions that innitiated the parachuting of Sept 3, 1944 Callsign activation : 16 ARP-A3 Freq : Ch 31 ( 27.315 Mhz ) - LSB QRP : max 10 Watts PEP
QSL mails & confirmation
You want to confirm contact you made with us, during an ARPDX activation ? If you are in our log or want to confirm our QRP call,  Send your info or request !
We promote legal use of the CB band !  Since the use of SSB 12W got legalised in multiple European countries since 2014, the long distance DX became within the reach of the license free transmitters during present propagation.  For our DX activations we use :   26.965Mhz - 27.405Mhz ( Ch 1 - 40 )   ALBRECHT AE 2990 FS handheld   ( 4W AM/FM - 6W SSB )   ALBRECHT AE 5890 EU/kit   ( 4W AM/FM - 12W SSB )