One of the side effects of being an artist and having your work (and mail address) online is receiving unwanted mails.

Companies who want to publish your work in some art catalogue. Webmasters who want to show your art on their site, or want you to become part of their art community. Art galleries who want to exhibit your paintings. I call them “art spammers”.

Most of these art spammers try to make money out of artists. Let’s turn this around: let the artist make money out of art spam. This is what the Art Spammers project is all about:

I collect mails from art spammers, put them online, and re-sell them to art/spam lovers. As a buyer you not only receive a piece of original and fully personalised art spam, you also get a Certificate of Authenticity. All at a very reasonable price.

Visit Art Spammers for more info and to order your unique art spam.

Here's an example of a Certificate of Authenticity:


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